Does anybody know any mom groups or something would really like to meet new people get out the house ? In the Lafayette area

Jessica B 0 likes

I'm looking for something like this too. I'm in Arizona tho

Launa A 0 likes

Idk about that area but in my area there was a facebook group page of moms close by and occasionally would meet up for lunch or something for the kids.

Mrs K 0 likes

Try mommy day out or mothers of preschoolers

Emily D 0 likes

Look on

Marianne M 0 likes

Check for mom groups in your area. Library, community center, playground, etc are also good options

Mommy O 0 likes

WIC has programs

Penny L 0 likes

Yeah I would look for mom groups on FB. I use mine to buy/sell and we have get togethers and I've found a reliable babysitter in my area.

Alicia P 0 likes

Lafayette Indiana?

Andrea T 0 likes

Lafayette Louisiana

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