Does a 12 month old really need cows milk? Or are there other substitutes? I want to start weaning my now 11 1/2 month old but she doesn't want anything but me!! I'm afraid to start the weaning process if she won't take anything else.

Shalynn H 0 likes

Did you try mixing it with what you are currently giving her? Both transitions for my kids I started with 1/4 of regular whole milk and then what I was giving them currently and then did 1/2 whole 1/2 currently giving them and the next transition I went to a sippy cup and then by 12.5 months they were off the bottle and off what they got as babies good luck!!

Christie C 1 like

My daughter was like that, wouldn't even take breast milk in a bottle it got really frustrating. By 11 months I tried it again after like 2 weeks I put a smidge of chocolate in it just to alter the taste and it worked after a couple bottles used just regular and never a problem again!

Tatjana A 2 likes

No you don't have to do cows milk. I prefer goats milk my self, also almond and coconut and hemp are all great milks if you prefer to be more vegan. What works for me is introducing which ever milk you choose while you still bf or bottle feed so the taste and overall experience isn't such a shock. Hope that helps!

J B 0 likes

If you use something other then whole milk you should supplement with vitamins. Goat's milk is missing a certain enzyme that's important for growing kids.

Bri B 1 like

I asked the pediatrician about not using cows milk and he said almond milk was a great option for both my daughter and myself.

Hope P 0 likes

Mix your milk with regular milk and her time add less of your milk that's the only way my son started taking cows milk

Ashlee C 0 likes

Yes, almonds milk! ^^ cows milk has some pretty harsh hormones in it and personally I would never give it to my child. Plus, loaded with sugar

Krishna H 1 like

Half &' half formula &' whole milk.

Devan C 1 like

My kids went straight to goats milk. It is very good for them but a little expensive. Now they get almond milk and they love it. Cows milk is so bad. All the mucous. You should research it!!!!

Ashley B 0 likes

I prefer almond milk!! The other problem is my daughter drinks maybe 3-4 oz of breastmilk in an entire day when I work 12 hours bc she's refusing to take it from a bottle or sippy. I've tried mixing breastmilk and regular milk and or almond milk. She hates the taste of all milk and now breastmilk unless she's nursing. All she wants is water. I'm afraid to try to wean if she's not going to take anything. :-/

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