Doctor said wait till 6 months for rice cereal. Friends doctor said four months. What did your doctors say? 😊

Tess J 0 likes

4 mo

Trisha O 1 like

6 months, it is harder for them to digest.

Sarah C 0 likes

Mine said 4months

Dina M 0 likes

Mine said 6 months

JVP 0 likes

6! Baby is not always ready at 4.

Genesis S 0 likes

6 it's better to wait All your baby really needs is breast milk or formula

V R 0 likes

We started at 6 months.

Jill S 0 likes

I wonder why no one says 5 months....😋

Danie M 0 likes

4 months but we didn't start until 5 months

Becky M 1 like

4 months, but she said it depends on the baby. My baby was trying to eat off of our plates and his was the size of a 9 month old at 4 months. On top of it up until a couple years ago it was always 4 months. They just switched to 6 months because they claim it will make babies obese and cause allergies. Which is not true, waiting until 6 months have been causing a lot of babies to have taste aversion.

Leah G 0 likes

4 months

Ashley L 0 likes

Mine said 4 months.

Morgan B 0 likes

4 months

Momofboys 0 likes

6 months. Hard to digest

Bozena P 1 like

6 months

Mom Of 5 1 like

6 months

Ivee S 1 like

6 months old.

Bozena P 1 like

Depend how fast your baby grows.

Margaret T 1 like

Didn't ask lol I knew my baby could handle the oatmeal at 7 weeks!!! Now three months she's still having oatmeal in her milk. Rice cereal she didn't like it made her gassy 😩👎 Every doctor and website says something different so I just went with my mommy gut!

Sydney M 1 like

4 months

C B 1 like

I waited 6

Brandi L 0 likes

4 months

Christina N 1 like

4 months but start slow.

Christina N 1 like

4 months. Be careful with too much rice though with the arsenic. Google it if you haven't hear. FDA recommends only once serving of rice cereal per day due to carcinogens.

Linsi M 0 likes

We got the ok at 5.5 months, but my girls didn't like it, so we went to stage 1 foods

Victoria G 0 likes

We were told to wait until 6 months

Jamie 0 likes

Four months

Nikki W 0 likes

My nutritionist said never because of arsenic.

Kim 0 likes

I started mine at 1 month. Yes doctors know a lot. But mama knows best.

Nadya D 0 likes

We did oatmeal at 5mo.

H C 0 likes

6 months

Jazz H 0 likes

Between 4-6 months, depending on your baby like how they're doing with weight gain.

Maegon R 1 like

My doctor had me put rice cereal in his bottle to help with his acid reflux at 3 months. So I would say 4!

Erika L 0 likes

My dr said 4 months. We gave it to her and she didn't like it/ hard for her to eat. Now she is 7 months and have been eating and lovin it since 6 montha

Brittany N 0 likes

My baby is four months..I sleep on a air mattress in his room. Lol, I want to go back to my bed but I nervous leaving him alone!! What do I do!?!? I feel like I will be in there until he's a year!!

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