Do your kids have sandboxes, and how do they like it? Thinking about getting one for my daughter’s 2nd birthday!

Kat E 0 likes

My son had one in our last house. Played in it every day. The new people who live there have an 11 year old and she plays in it now too. So pretty good investment id say.

Erin H 1 like

My oldest had one 2 years ago for his 3rd birthday. Loved it. We had to get rid of it because it got damaged in a storm. He got another for his 5th birthday and asked if we could hold off opening it until his sister can play with it. 🥰 She's only 7 months old.

Sarah R 0 likes

Its been my sons favorite thing to play with since he was 18 months and he's 5.5 now!!!!

Christie M 0 likes

Our two both loved their sand boxes

Terri G 0 likes

Yes. They love it!!

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