Do you think induced labors are more intense/painful than natural?

Mommyandbaby 0 likes

Yes! Well so my mom says. She had some induced and natural, 5 kids total and says that induced hurts much more as everything comes faster, all at once, and not at your bodies request

Nemesis W 0 likes

For sure dear....! Mine was inducted and I was told by the nurses n doctors I'll be more painful and indeed I passed out from the pain more than twice ....! At least that's my experience maybe you'll have better luck

J B 1 like

I was induced. After my daughter was put in my arms, all the pain went away. Don't be scared to be induced if that's what needs to happen, just keep focusing on your soon to be baby in your arms!!

MadMax M 0 likes

Yes! Contractions are so much more painful, and you have a higher risk of c section. I would suggest to wait until 42 weeks to be induced.

C M 1 like

Not for me. I had 18 hours of horrendous back labor with my first. I ended up having pitocin towards the end bc I wasn't progressing. My pain level did not change w the pitocin. With my second I was induced bc he was late and it was nothing compared to the back labor.

Sarah O 0 likes

I have 2 kids. 1st baby natural and 2nd induced. I would have to say, my first one which was natural was more painful as I had labor pains in the front and my postpartum recovery was just horrible . When your induced, you kinda can ask for pain meds or an epidural as soon as those contractions kick in however, every pregnancy will be different trust me... Also, my 2nd baby, I knew what to expect and my postpartum recovery was a breeze... Hope that helps...

Caitlin F 1 like

Cari I know how that is!! Back labor is the worst freaking pain ever!

First time mommy :) 1 like

I'm worried about it. I'm supposed to be induced Thursday night so I've been hoping and praying to go into labor on my own before then. I heard that labor takes longer with induction too?

C M 1 like

Relax and don't worry. Labor is tough regardless of the circumstances. Whether you're induced or labor starts naturally, just take it one contraction at a time. My induced labor was 4 hours total. Baby was born 45 minutes after my water broke. You really can't make generalizations. Every labor is different. You will be fine. Just think about seeing & holding your little miracle for the first time.

Michelle L 0 likes

My first labour I was over due and induced but the pain wasn't bad I did it with out any pain meds. My water broke with my son at 39 weeks and the doctor induced me but this time the pain was bad were I asked for pain meds. It was too late I was ready to push when they checked me. I was I. So much pain this time. Don't be worried every labour is different you could have it easy with the contractions. Good luck

First Time M 0 likes

As My personal experience two months ago (to be exact) I was in my 42 weeks. So they have to induce my labor.. They start with the process Saturday morning and I've able to start pushing until Monday around 6:30pm. Finally I have my daughter in my arms at 7:10pm. She's my first baby so I don't know how painful is the natural labor. But, the loooong process for the induce labor make the waiting even more intense.

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It all depends on if they break your water. If they don't then you have that to catch some of the contraction but if they do, they are a bit more painful

Tiku P 0 likes

I was induced and believe thts not experience i want to remember for my life. After 36 hrs of struggle, i ended up having c section๐Ÿ˜”

Mommy T 1 like

I was induced with my son after being 8 days late and I can't comment on pain but I don't know about it taking longer. They started my pitocin around 2pm my son was born at 9:42pm and of that I only pushed for 40 mins. Everyone is different obviously but think of it this way. Same end result with you baby in your arms. Don't stress about it

Olivia N 1 like

I was induced with my first. It was horrendous. Both mine were back labor, but being induced just made the pain so much more intense. Don't want that ever again

Samantha H 0 likes

I've only had one and I was induced and holy crap the pain was incredible, I have a high pain tolerance usually and I couldn't handle it. I wanted to try no drugs but after I was induced I drugged the shit outta myself(I had the button muahaha). I actually don't remember the labor delivery very much.

Courtney โ 1 like

I was induced , they hooked everything up to me and i didnt feel anything after Very non painful Actually i was able to enjoy my labor it was very peaceful

Danie M 1 like

Wasn't for me.. I was induced and felt nothing until I was 10 cm and they broke my water When I went into labor on my own it was unbearable

Diane 1 like

No. Both my pregnancies were induced and if you heard my stories ( too long to write) you'd feel very relaxed. Let's just say my kids came way too easy, no pain, just some wait time โ˜บ๏ธ

Andy 1 like

My nurse said that was a complete myth. I had no epidural and was induced with pitocin and honestly didn't think it was that bad. The pain was only very intense for a couple hours. I only have one baby so nothing to compare it to. I do agree avoid induction if you can. I had no choice I was a week late and had been hypertensive for a month. If you have a good doctor they'll only induce if necessary.

Jaxon's M 1 like

I've pushed 5 babies out. My first was natural and far more painful then any induction. When your indices it goes faster. Also if you're doing pain meds you can ask for them. Everyone's body is different. But with being induced I haven't had a labor longer then 2 hours. If you go natural your labor a can be several hours

First time mommy :) 0 likes

Thank you ladies! Being a first time mom and having no clue what to expect makes everything a little nerve wracking but all the stories and words of wisdom make it that much easier. :)

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