Do you ladies think 17 pounds is too little for an 8 months old? She wasn't premie

Carolynn V 1 like

No! My second daughter was around 18 pounds at a year or so

Ashley L 3 likes

Hmm. Compared to mine, it small. Mine was 21 lbs at his 6 month.

Jamie B 1 like

Mine was 18 pounds at his 1 year appt.

Amy M 1 like

Nope. My baby is 8 months and 14 lbs. small but mighty!

Amanda Z 1 like

My 9 month old is about 17 pounds

,....... . 1 like

My LO was only 18 pounds at a year. As long as they're gaining weight and following their own growth curve

Yv L 2 likes

No, she is perfect size . Fat chubby babies might seem healthy but it is not . Your baby sound just right

Stephanie B 1 like

Mine is six months and 15 pounds and in 50 percentile. I would say pretty normal!

Amy G 1 like

No my 10 mo old is 16 lbs

Tatjana A 1 like

That seems low but I don't know for sure, both me and hubby are tall and so are our babies. My 11 yr old is 5'5" 120lbs and our 19m old is 3'8" 27lbs. Check with your doc.

Kaylees M 2 likes

Great. Yeah I figured. Thanks ladies! My godmother is Italian, I guess they think only fat babies are healthy lol.

Nat's M 1 like

Mine is 18 lbs at 10 months old and she's perfect :)

Mom O 1 like

My son was 20lbs at a year

Gunner Danger's M 1 like

My son was 18 lbs at 9 months and 31 inches. So your LO is probably in about the 40th percentile for weight. That's good.

Tara B 2 likes

Each baby is different. As long as the doc says they're good who cared what any others say.

Anisa K 1 like

My LO is 8 months and about 18 lb

Cici 2 likes

😳 just came back from the 4 mo check up my LO is 17 lbs.

Skylar K 1 like

Not really. As long as your dr isn't concerned. My first was 19lbs at 6mo and 21lbs by a year. Once they get mobile they stop putting on so much chunk

Ashley M 1 like

No I don't think so. My 7 month old is 19# 12 oz so that's right about average

Jill N 1 like

Nope my lo is 8 mo and 19 lbs !

My N 1 like

Mine was the same, but she's also really short

Kyla R 1 like

No my son was 16 lbs at 1 year. As long as they are eating just fine. Then I think it's fine. Both of my kids are small I have a 4 yr old that is 30lbs

Tabitha C 1 like

My son was that weight too dr said he was fine

Libby L 1 like

Mm I have a boy who just weighed in at 18 for his six month BUT I don't know if we should expect different things for different genders. That weight put him at 55th percentile. At his 4 month check up however he was only in the 26th percentile so he had a quick growth spurt that put him where he needed to be. Maybe she will have something similar!

Brittany 1 like

Mines 20 lbs at 9 months 😁

Brittany 1 like

That's right on track because they told me the average 1 year old is 20 pounds so she said I could cut back his feelings if I wanted to cuz he's a chunk lol

Brittany E 1 like

My son is 19lbs at 15 months. You are fine. As long as you know she is eating then you are fine.

Kaylees M 1 like

Yeah she nurses still and eats solid 3 times a day with snack in between.

Naomi O 1 like

Every baby is different. Mine is 9 months and weighs 18 pounds she was born with only 4 pounds coz I was severely sick the whole of my pregnancy

Momofboys 1 like

My 13th month old is 30lbs!!!!! Lol

Alexis P 1 like

My son is 22lbs at 13months (:

Katie E 1 like

My LO is 4 months old and is over 17lbs

CLazz M 1 like

My daughter is 15lbs at almost 9 month. Healthy as can be. Breast fed. Don't listen to anyone who talks about your LO's weight as a negative. Every baby is different!!

Sweetest M 3 likes

Oh my! LO will be 4mo on the 7th.. She weights 19lbs!!

Jessica K 1 like

Every baby is different! My lo is pushing 20lbs and he's 7 months old, but he's also 28.5 in tall lol

Evie 1 like

Girlllll she's 9 months old not 8! Hahaha!!!πŸ˜‚

Kaylees M 0 likes

Omg! Evie I keep doing that haha.

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