Do you have to use special laundry soap when you wash baby clothes? My baby isn't here yet but we want to wash her clothes before she is born to make sure they are clean.

Aprilbaby 1 like

Nope. I make my own laundry detergent and use it for everyone. Haven't had an issue

Sunshine F 1 like

I bought Dreft detergent and used for the first 6 months. I use tide now

Jasmyne T 1 like

I use baby purex

Tiffany F 1 like

Most people use Dreft. But anything all free and clear of scent or dye is ok. Babies have super sensitive skin

Stefanie Q 1 like

I use dreft

Liz B 2 likes

Baby Purex is awesome and much cheaper than dreft!

Cali^Mom F 1 like

I use Seventh Generation Free and Clear. Soaps with no scent are best at first just in case your baby is allergic to anything.

A E 0 likes

I use Ivory Snow, smells so good and my son has sensitive skin that it doesn't react. I've never heard of Dreft... Is this soap only offered in the states?

Bea F 1 like

I washed my baby's clothes before her arrival with Dreft. 😊

?Amanda? B 1 like

I use free and clear for my LO.

Megan C 0 likes

so I'm 29 weeks now so if my laundry soap does have dye or perfume in it it should wear off before baby gets her if i wash them with in the next few weeks?

Alejandra's Mom 1 like

They recommend a different laundry soap for babies free of perfume and other stuff, i use the honest baby laundry soap its pretty good. I washed all my LO clothe with that before she arrived as recommended to avoid skin issues

Marielle K 1 like

I use dreft or tide both interchangeably are fine I found that gain had a reaction with my LO. Depends on the baby, I just try and see how they work because dreft alone gets very expensive

Sophie's mom 1 like

I used dreft.

L L 1 like

I use the Honest line for all my products and love it!

Tammy K 2 likes

I use the All detergent in the white container. It's the Free and Clear kind and hypoallergenic. Always use this to wash her clothes and if I need to throw in a couple nursing tanks, I do.

Brittney R 2 likes

Baby Purex is my fav. White bottle, pink cap! Smells awesome and gets out all stains

Amber N 1 like

I use ALL baby detergent. It's supposed to be gentler and I love the smell.

Lisa M 1 like

Dreft is very expensive! I use free and clear and ive never had a problem

Lisa M 1 like

I meant Free and Gentle

Erin J 1 like

I used Dreft for awhile just in case

Priscilla A 1 like

I use all free just stay away from anything that has perfume baby skin is sensitive. I do use all free for everyone lol save money just some fabric softener for the family to make are clothing smell good not babies clothing

Marina's M 0 likes

I have switched to free and clear detergent and wash EVERYONES clothes it in. If my LO was to have a reaction to any laundry detergent, she has her face against my clothes most of the time so I don't want her breaking out on her face either. I used to use honest company brand detergent and dryer sheets. I still use their dryer sheets, but now use free and clear detergent. Having you clothes smell nice is not worth your baby having an allergic reaction.

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