Do any of you use enfamil gentlease? How does it work for your LO?

Sunshine F 2 likes

I used that for my son for about 2-3 months and his tummy was always upset. Switched him to A.R enfamil

XayXay's M 1 like

Mine got constipated from the transition... And I did it gradually with half breastmilk and enfamil. Then a little more enfamil and less breast milk, and finally all enfamil. But I only did it for a month until he was able to drink cows milk. I waited until a year before I weaned him. But try that method...

Veronica P 2 likes

I had used the regular Enfamil and switched him to the gent lease because he was getting constipated

Selena A 0 likes

@veronica did that help his constipation ?

Boymom 2 likes

We use it and my little one does great on it. He has regular bowel movements.

Gali H 1 like

With both of my boys I used Enfamil Gentlease with gas drops for the first 3 months due to gas issues. At around 3-4 months I switched to the Costco brand formula and they did beautifully...

Katarina O 1 like

I've used it w both my kiddos no problems

MariaPaula G 1 like

I switched my LO from similac to enfamil gentle ease about a month ago and so far its working way better and she likes it! Also, I bought her Gerber Soother Colic drops and No more crying for colics or upset stomach!

Marissa E 1 like

My LO loves it and she is so gassy and having regular poopies!!(: never have been so excited lol she was on newborn (she's 7 weeks) and she was so backed up it was horrible!

Jenn V 1 like

I used if for awhile and my boy did great but he is now on Enfamil AR because he was spitting up so much it was bothering him. But he has done fine on both.

Veronica P 1 like

Yes it did @selena

Josie C 1 like

My LO was on it for a couple weeks but spit up a lot after every feeding so switched to A.R now he is fine

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