Do any of you moms work from home? If so what are legit jobs you do?

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V.Z F 0 likes

Me too PLS awesome question.

Bryanna T 1 like

Multi level marketing. Insurance. Telemarketers. In home daycare.

Ruth A 5 likes

I do surveys, get pay to download apps and also get pay to receive texts messages 1-2 times a week it's not a lot but it's something

Julie C 1 like

I work from home. It's new to me. I'm a partylite consultant. You can do online/facebook/home parties. I'm strictly doing Facebook and online parties. I love the product and it's not bad money if you know enough people that will do parties and then those parties are how you expand to other people. It's fun stuff!

C M 0 likes

I'm interested. The surveys I found are long and only pay a few dollars. Is there anything that is actually worth the time?

Mikaela U 0 likes

Ruth how do you do what you do? Is there like a website you register at or somethin?

Ruth A 0 likes

FREEEATS They will pay you 1.25 just for registering each text you receive will be .25 cents just click on the link they will only send 1-3 texts per week depending where you live and also you get 1 dollar per referral They pay thru PayPal within 5 mins of receiving the text

Ruth A 0 likes Feature points You get points for downloading apps, they points convert into PayPal payments or gifts cards Just download apps use the apps for 1 mins and then delete it or keep it your choice :) You can also refer friends and you will get a shared of the apps they download

Penguin M 0 likes

Not a job but there is an app called ibotta that pays you when you shop! There are different categories you can pick, groceries, kids, cars... Etc. I love it I mostly use it when I get groceries :) check it out!

Ruth A 1 like

I know they work because they pay me already several times Inboxdollars paid me about 4 times since I started using them FREEEATS also paid me they deposit the money to PayPal automatically Feature points also paid me thru PayPal Hope this help :)

Christie M 0 likes

Following! Honestly I've tried feature points and it's so boring to me and very very time consuming. I've also tried doing surveys but I never qualify for any :(

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