Do any of you moms have a sleep schedule or have sleep trained your kids? My 9 month old is not sleeping thru the night and is dependent on a bottle to sleep so she wakes up at least twice in the night. I have researched some things but not all of them say if they let them cry to sleep. I just don't know. Help!

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I did sleep training and had a strict schedule but my child slept thru from 6 weeks. You want to try and break one habit at a time. I would start with a big bottle at bedtime and then if ur baby wakes up try sips of water but that's it. It will take a few nights but eventually ur baby will adjust. And u won't have to worry about bottle rot as your baby isn't feeding while sleeping which can also lead to several other issues as well. Get ready for a few sleepless nights but it should work.

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The book Babywise really helped me. My 3-month old started sleeping through the night fairly consistently by around 7 or 8 weeks. Basically, sleep begets sleep, so making sure my lo takes plenty of naps during the day helps him be more rested, but the book outlines and explains a lot more.

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Also...don't try and do the Ferber method during this time. Ur child will need to break bottle habit before u sleep train.

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I'm in the same boat. My lo did sleep through the night but know she is teething and the most she will sleep is 6 hrs. Then she takes a nap for 3-4 hours. I'm not getting any sleep. She just turned 10 months. She is getting teeth pretty fast. She has 7 already. So I think that is why. She doesn't always want to eat when she wakes. I need to know how to get her on a schedule.

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Yes I started sleeping training when my son was 9 months old. What you do is pick time you would like to start putting your LO to bed, I choose 8pm for my son. When you go in and out your LO down soothe them for about a minute by rubbing belly or back. If they start to cry you choose how long you will wait before going back in to soothe them again (I went in every 10 mins). Whatever you do don't pick them up otherwise all the work you did you will have to start fresh. It took my son about 3 days

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However when my son started teething really bad it was like starting over again, but my son was getting 4 or 5 teeth at once

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Read baby wise - it's helped millions of moms

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I get so tired that I just either bring her in my bed or go on the couch with her. But I know I have to stop that cause she will get used to it then I'm screwed, lol. I'll have to try to pick a time and try, but it's so hard to let her cry :(.

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My 10 month old still wakes to eat once or twice, u just stay on his schedule they'll grow out of it

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Ok thank you. :) she is getting teeth but not real bad and I have an older daughter that is sharing a room with her so it may take a while. But thank you so much I now know I'm not the only one going thru this :(

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I did sleep training and I know it sucks in the beginning but you have to be strong; I use to let her cry 5 min then I'd go in a comfort her and tell her it's time for bed and sometimes in the beginning is sit by her crib and then I would slowly leave!!! Good luck

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http://www.ezzo.inf o/resources/timeline/81-timeline/107-babywise-advice-linked-to-dehydration-failure-to-thrive

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My 5 month old has been sleeping through the night for over 2 months. I started baby wise schedule method around 6-8 weeks. Worked great never dealt with any crying and I would not do CIO so baby wise was awesome.

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