Do any of you mommies know any good detoxing infused water drinks that you can make yourself to help lose weight and boost metabolism and or a good workout or diet?

Makena H 1 like

Oolong Tea! It's magic. I seriously dropped 10 lbs in two weeks with light work outs and healthy diet. Drink it got or iced. You can get it from Walmart in the tea area but make sure it clearly says oolong and then the details explain weight loss. Good luck!

Crystal A 2 likes

Lemon , cucumber and mint . Infused water

Lyndsey J 2 likes

I did the apple and cinnamon stick. It's really good. Just a pitcher of water cut up a whole apple and put the cinnamon stick at the bottom then some ice and then rest of the way with water let it sit 24 hours and just fill up two times before getting a new Apple and stick!!!

Ariana A 1 like

I no green tea is amazing for losing weight but it usually targets areas where there is more fat I wanted to lose more on my stomach and drinking now green tea made me lose more of my butt lol , and another one I do is just a lot of lemon water it targets fat as well lemon will break down your fat

La R 1 like

Lots of lemon juice like tons- it's awesome for metabolism increase. I love it!

Jenifer W 1 like

Water with apples and cinnamon sticks. Or water with lemon cayenne and maple syrup.

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