Do any of you Momma's know of any legitimate work from home jobs? TIA

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Me to I need the same thing

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Medical coding and billing. Training takes about 6 months and then you can work from home.

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Try to look at this website:

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Coding isn't that hard to pick up ICD 9 is pretty good until they implement ICD 10 then you have to learn that

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Yea I'm in the middle of the transition right now. I don't understand why they wouldn't just teach off the 10 instead of making you learn 9 and then 10 >.<

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They have been trying to get 10 for the past few years now it was suppose to be implemented last October it's not hard I loved it personally it's way more specific than 9. The icd 10 pcs is more complicated tho

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Oh also if you don't know how to get into training, try seeing if your local college offers classes. My community college does so that's where I am. I guess it would be helpful to know how to get into it and not just what to get into ^^"

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