Do any of you have a mother in law that tries to overstep you as the mother. I don't know how to deal with mine. She's always buying my kid clothes, shoes, toys, the baby is only 3 months old. I just told her off and now she's playing the victim. Ughhh

Sami 0 likes

I had to tell my mil that it's my daughter, she can buy her stuff but consult me first cause we don't have room for everything especially since we moved into our own place. She had the balls to tell me well buy another dresser for her a week after I lost my job. I get it grandparents are supposed to spoil but there's a point when it has to stop cause she will get used to having everything even though I can't afford it.

Angela P 1 like

That's exactly how I feel. Like no you will not buy her clothes for bar bday that's my job.

Sami 0 likes

I'm a bitch.... I told her if you can't follow my rules I will make it a point you don't get to see her. It took a while but he eventually quit doing it. Now when she goes thrift shopping she asks if there's anything we need that she can pick up if she finds it. My husband was even ma when I told her that. Apparently he doesn't understand.

Britt A 0 likes

My mil doesn't do that at all. She hardly buys anything for my son! Shes always buying for her first 2 grandkids...

Nancy W 2 likes

My mil used to do the same and go against out wishes she got out oldest a phone a tablet and stuff that we don't allow at home so I told her she can get whatever she wants but the kids are not allowed to bring it home so now she buys stuff and stays at her house and the kids get to use it when they go visit

Lisa R 2 likes

Mine does the same. The first grand baby and she's so excited so I just let her. I'd rather have her spoil my baby than have any tension between us since she babysits 4 days a week for free. Why did you have to go off on her instead of talking about it?

Idene P 2 likes

Not to scare off any moms but my ex mil was like that. It got to the point that she was obsessed with my daughter & that is a whole other story. Set boundaries early & SO enforce the rules.

Brittany N 1 like

it must be terrible having someone wanting to buy your kids stuff!! I would start going shopping with her and having girl dates with her and the baby!!!

June18th 2 2 likes

My mil always buys stuff for my son. But she keeps them all at her house, so he can play with them when he's over there. She only give my lo stuff on special occasions, plus instead of buying expensive stuff she puts the money into his saving account that she has set up for him. It's kinda nice!!

Angela P 1 like

I didn't go off on her I explained to her how I feel. I was raised differently than she raised her son and daughter. I was raised if I want something go get it, it was never given to me. I only got necessities. Food, clothes, shelter. My daughter is 3 months old. I want my daughter to have the same motive and not think its owned to her, like my sister in law does. She does not need a ugg boots!!!!!

Angela P 1 like

My husband and I buy her the necessity. She has all a three month old needs lol. My issue with her buying her things is that she buys things and then throws it in my face. My husband and I are in the process of buying a home and at the time we cannot go out and buy her things id like her to have and so my mil thinks she can cover up for me and get her things. It's not the things she buys it's the point and the intentions she's doing it with.

June18th 2 0 likes

Yeah I would just talk to her, tell her that your has everything she needs right now. If needs anything else you will let her know and that for her to ask you in advance if she can buy your lo certain things. Or simply just tell her instead of buying my daughter all the things she doesn't need, she can put the money in a saving account for her or a piggy bank.

Angela P 1 like

Yes she has an account for her. I just think she likes to buy things but I explained to her that she can't get a gift every time she smiles lol.

June18th 2 0 likes

Yeah that's true. Just be glad you have one that's willing to spoil your lo, my parents sure doesn't. Every once in awhile they bring my lo something from their trip or something. Just be grateful , that's what grandparents are for and is what they do to show their love.

Angela P 0 likes

I get that and I am very grateful. But when I get overstepped we have an issue. I don't believe in buying love.

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