Do any if you mommies have tips on how to get pregnant with a baby girl?

Nicole M 0 likes

I've always thought it depends on the man. I'd like a girl too 😌

Amanda F 1 like

I went by the chines gender chart & it worked.. But there are the fertile pee sticks & when during the month you should do it. I'm not sure on specifics I just got lucky

Vanessa S 4 likes

Scientifically, the man determines. We (females) only give an X chromosome. The man will give either an X or a Y chromosome. XX- girl XY- boy My advice, pray for a little girl ;)

Kristen G 5 likes

Have sex and pray you get a girl lol

Carlye M 1 like

I've heard sperm containing the boy hormone swims faster then the sperm with the girl hormone, so when your man "finishes," have him finish when he's not very deep inside you, that way girl sperm can catch up to the boy sperm. It worked for us. We have one girl and one boy.

Carlye M 1 like

Also, since boy sperm swim faster and die sooner, they are more likely to get to the egg on your ovulation day. Girl sperm tend to live longer, so have sex a couple days before ovulation, that way some of the boy sperm will have died by then.

Jessica S 1 like

I've heard that if the man does all the work you get a girl if the woman does all the work you get a boy

Tiffany K 1 like

I have a baby girl , I just simply prayed for one :)! Good luck

Rosa U 0 likes

Everyone says it depends on the man.

Samantha S 0 likes

I just prayed for a little girl there's no real way to ensure getting a girl it's all up to the male

Tiffany W 1 like

I kno it does help if u look down u spouses family line my sons dad's dad side of the family was nothin but boy born like maybe 5 girls actually born to the family an look I got a boy so I'm wit a man now he already has 3 girls so I'm hopin we can get a girl

Denise B 1 like

1. Have sex from the last day of your period (every day) to just 3 or 4 days before you are ovulating. 2. Use sexual positions that have shallow penetration, such as the missionary, that will leave the boy sperm furthest away from the egg as possible (because they are faster.) Best of luck!!!

Lego M 1 like

Sadly, yes, the guy "holds the cards," if you will.

Cheyanne J 0 likes

It's alllll up to daddy, so cross your fingers and hope for a girl 🎀 Goodluck!!

Courtney S 0 likes

Okay! Good to know thank you all :)

Jessica W 1 like

The app maybe baby is supposed to give you an idea of when the best time to conceive would be if you are hoping for one gender or the other

Rachel P 1 like

When I was pregnant I talked to my baby. I wanted a girl so I addressed her as such when I was talking and even told her to try to be a girl. Now I have a healthy two month old baby girl.

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