Did you moms REALLY wean off the bottle at 12 months? I can do sippy cups during the day fine but she sleeps with a warm bottle at night and I don't think I can take that away. šŸ˜• do I have to??

Karla P 2 likes

My daughter is 21 months and she still needs her bottle at nights.. I just make sure to brush her teeth after she drinks her milk

Kaylees M 1 like

For the sake of her teeth and gum health I would.

Skylar K 0 likes

I did at 18 months. It was an easy switch for us but I just felt bad taking it away before then lol

C M 0 likes

I weaned my DS at 12 months. DD was about 14 months. The younger, the easier.

Kade's M 1 like

dd is 13mo & she is allowed her bottle at nite, but only with WATER in it.. milk is in the cup, period. the bottle is a comfort thing, esp needed when teething horribly.. šŸ˜”

S V 1 like

Just brush your LO teeth afterwards.

Ashley M 0 likes

You don't HAVE to but it's best for them for their teeth. Maybe try water? Or start with every other night a bottle for a week or 2 & work down? But yes my oldest 2 were off the bottle before 12 months & took a sippy only & had their sippy & night with water.

O & C's M 0 likes

Never put a baby to bed with a bottle/sippy cup of milk: http://www.hutchinsonsmiles.com/babybottle.htm

Babygirl G 1 like

You dont have to do anything, do what you thinks right, give it a few more months and try again

Adrian R 0 likes

It was easy for my daughter she stopped drinking a bottle when she turned 1 and has been on a sippy cup ever since and she will be 3 in November.

Olivia N 0 likes

My daughter is 19 months and I still give her her bottle for any liquids, she was breastfed and has been addicted to her bottle since I took the boob away at 10 months

Holly R 0 likes

My advice is don't worry about it. I've read that babies have a suckling instinct until about 2 1/2 years old & the bottle satisfies that. My daughter suddenly gave up the bottle on her own. One day she just started refusing it and never went back. I think it was just after she turned two-years old.

AE M 0 likes

My son is three and still has bottles šŸ˜

Tonya H 0 likes

My son is basically weaning himself. He is down to three bottles a day. 6oz in am, four with nap, 8-12 at bedtime. He eats pretty good. Takes more bottles when I can't get him to eat. But he is a year in two weeks. Most days he just has two bottles period and actually prefers them out of bed. A lot of moms go to sippee cups soon after age one. I would suggest at least by age two to wean. Just to prevent dental issues that come with bottles in bed.

Alia W 0 likes

I weaned at 14 mo but I never put my DD to bed with a bottle to begin with so I think that made it easier. Maybe start by giving her the bottle earlier before actually weaning? I would recc earlier bc it's easier at a younger age and better for their oral health.

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