Did anyone have a Newborn who spit up often? He spits up in his sleep and it freaks me out that he’ll choke and I won’t hear him. 😢 ** Also, his spit up isn't just spit up, it shoots out projectile. It's a lot. And he's burped constantly. I don't understand. His doctor said it's normal newborn behavior but I always worry of the worst.

Second Time M 5 likes

Sounds like reflux

Lindsey 3 likes

I'm definitely not a doctor, but have you tried allowing baby to sleep not fully flat on his back. Just a tad...tad bit up right / sleep at an incline. Other possibilities: -smaller but frequent feedings -having baby sit up or carried a bit longer (20 mins) before lying him down.

Mom Life Is T 1 like

Mine was like that he threw up on his bassinet while he was asleep and I didnt notice it until my mom saw him choke and wen she went to pick him up he projectile vomited shooting out . He was only a newborn

Rebekah M 7 likes

Is he gaining weight? Bring up pyloric stenosis to your doctor if baby seems like he’s not keeping any food down and is projectile vomiting. If its just a little spit up and he's gaining, probably just reflux.

Magillicudy M 2 likes

A little spit up is normal but this sounds more serious to me. I agree with what others have said, how is the weight gain? Is baby generally happy otherwise?

Ashley B 2 likes

My first did, I just let him outgrow it . It sucked though 😫 he slept in bed with me on a towel because of it. Dr didn't do anything because he was gaining weight fine. He stopped spitting up completely by 1

Morgen 3 likes

Magillicudy Mom Rebekah M.hes gaining weight really well! He has his checkup Monday so I’ll bring it up

Kat E 0 likes

This was my nephew. Doctor wasn't worried because he was gaining weight normally and eating well. My sister was told it looks like a lot but isn't as much as it looks. It lasted for about 6 months until he was on solids. Doctor said some babies were just like that.

Erin H 1 like

My 7 month has the same problem and her dr said the same thing. She's been diagnosed with reflux and on medication. But as long as your LO is gaining weight, the spit up is fine. One thing you can help with it is keep your LO upright after the bottle for about 20-30 minutes. They will still spit up but it won't be as much.

Elli B 1 like

I had to fold a towel and put it under the bassinet mattress and it helped! Also waiting 20 mins to lay them down

Brandi T 1 like

Could be reflux but I'd bring up pyloric stenosis to your doctor.

Jessica D 1 like

Sounds like my son. He had reflux and pyloric stenosis. Do your research if you think it's not normal. And keep going back to the doctor. Morgen how old?

Bria B 0 likes

My daughter did this!!! Dr acted as Kat E described. Wasn't really worried because my daughter was gaining weight. I was panicked out of the same fears you have. Def keep baby upright as much as possible after feeding (that was hit or miss for us as my daughter would spit up 1.5 hrs after being fed plenty of times). If you have a bouncer seat or something similar, use that. It saved us. We had a fisher price deluxe one (they’re around $65) and it worked better than any of the expensive crap

Bria B 0 likes

We had. And it was light so you could move it to whatever room you need to be in. Literally its how I peacefully slept, it kept her cozy but upright enough, that even if she did spit up, it would have been as if she was sitting up instead of laying down. Hope you get some rest soon mama ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Heather 0 likes

My 9 wk old spits up too and sometimes chokes on her spit. Doctor isn't worried because she's gaining weight. Said to do smaller more frequent feeding and not lay her flat after eating. I bought a rock and play and she sleeps in that because it has a little incline and it helps some

Ronnie R 0 likes

Sounds like reflux to me too 😔 my nieces had that, my sister lived with us so I saw it all the time and that's what they had. However though that can be really serious see if pedi will proscribe something for it because no, a little spit up sure but projectile umm no.

Micah & Ashers M 0 likes

Both my boys spit up quite often when they were younger, they had acid reflex.

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