Did anyone have a Doula for labor and delivery? How was your experience with one?

Mommy And M 2 likes

No but I seriously wish we had one for the first few weeks after delivery, a post partum doula.

Amanda M 1 like

Yes I did, it's over before you know it and right after you go to the restroom and do #2 lol it's just a little uncomfortable

Mommy And M 0 likes

Good hospital nurses, spouse, mother, friend can help you through birth. The real help is needed after you get home.

V R 0 likes

Yes. I had a 42hr labor and she was worth it. Plus my husband is an anxious person so it really helped that she was there.

T T 0 likes

Wonderful experience

Carolynn V 6 likes

Hold up! What is Amanda talking about?! Haha😂😂😂

Ashleigh 1 like

I don't know what Amanda was saying.... But we had a doula and were in love with her. It makes your birthing experience so much less stressful and it's great for post baby healing body to have the extra hands. Interview a few and go with someone who gets you and that meets all your needs. If you don't mesh well it won't be worth it

Kristin 1 like

Sounds like she's taking about an enema? Lol.

Michele B 0 likes

We had a doula and she was awesome! Even though we took labor classes together, my husband was a freakin dear in headlights when I went into labor. I didn't have any family or friends capable of supporting a natural birth, so it was the way to go for me!

AE M 1 like

I have a friend who hired a doula and ended up having a C-section 😳 theres nothing better than your SO in my opinion

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