Did any Smart Moms hire a doula to help them during labor? Would you do it again?

Kaylees M 1 like

My moms friend was great, she used to wanna be a doula. If it wasn't for her I prolly would have ended up having a c-section cuz I would have gave up on pushing

V R 1 like

Yes, with my first baby. I was trying to go all natural but my body didn't allow me and also the doula was for my husband coz he's an anxious person. With baby #2 we didn't hire a doula coz we're on a budget.

Sam W 1 like

I had one with my first child it was free thank goodness cuz they are expensive she was great I love having her there it was a wonderful experience

Alison B 1 like

I did and would absolutely recommend it. I had a 20 hour labor — and our doula helped me stay committed to a natural birth. My husband was supportive in his own way, but there were just things he didn't know how to react to. She was so knowledgable, providing support to both of us. Also, I was 9 days late, and the doctors were very pushy toward induction — and she helped me stay empowered to stick to my guns. I could say lots more! In a nutshell, having her there was 1000% worth the cost.

Kelli M 1 like

I didn't. I have a bad temper and it's worse when people try to calm me down lol. So I just had my husband since he knows how to handle me. My best friend did a home birth with a doula/midwife though and absolutely loved it so it just depends on what you'd prefer.

Jen ! 1 like

I plan on getting an epidural. Would you still need/want a doula or only for natural birth?

Mommy B 3 likes

I did! She was AMAZING. She is now one of my great friends! I will be hiring her for all of my pregnancies! I was induced at 36 weeks (medical reasons) and had an epidural because I was in labor for almost 40 hours. She was such an amazing help, keeping me calm through contractions, and having me use different techniques to help relieve pressure. Doulas are not just for natural births. They are for any birth, and help teach you everything about pregnancy, and also help with postpartum things!

Alison B 2 likes

Mommy B is right! She gave us a lot of good info before birth, like positioning exercises and belly mapping. You could probably interview some doulas and ask about your specific birth plan. See if you think it'd help. Depending on where you live, doulamatch.net can be a good resource. We met ours at a prenatal support group, so that might be another avenue.

Jen ! 1 like

Thank you so much!!!

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