Diaper rash question! What's the best way to help it? My son and I both just got over the stomach bug but from pooping so much my son now has a really bad diaper rash where it's got a little blood. I use desitin rapid relief and the second I noticed it I started putting it on him. Any suggestions? He's crying and gets very upset when I change it diaper. I dab not wipe. Anything else?

Tyler H 0 likes

ENDIT you can buy it online. My son had bloody diaper rash. It cured more than half of it over night. It's a little more expensive and it smells but it works. Also I had to stop wiping. Every diaper change I put him in a Luke warm bath.

Mickey 1 like

I definitely need to know!

Zhanna P 2 likes

My son had a little one a few days ago and I've tried all these rash creams but they don't all help I used Vaseline or just put baby powder to keep it dry..

Amber B 2 likes

Try not to use wipes they have alcohol so wet a paper towel or rinse him off. Let it air out as much as possible (no diaper) and my dr reccomend hydrocortisone cream usually works pretty fast for us! Good luck

Ashlee I 2 likes

Coconut oil is the best natural diaper cream and rash cure

Christina B 0 likes

I use the honest company diaper rash cream I get it from target, corn starch will also help dry it up and leave his diaper off as much as possible. Also, try to avoid wipes the alcohol will sting horrible, instead use warm water and wash cloth I don't normally use soap when doing this to avoid pain.

Angie T 0 likes

Baby Vaseline helps put it on after your done wiping so when you change his diaper it will be easier to clean him. I hope he gets better rashes are the worst

Olya T 1 like

Try rinsing but with water instead of wipes. Literally walk over to the sink. Also for wipes I use water wipes, pampers sensitives were causing butt to be red I allow her butt To air out and apply some Breast milk on it until it dries up right on there As for creams I found that this helped. I used purple desitin (40%) until rash subsided and as soon as it was getting better I switched to the blue desitin 13%. Since our first Rash I started applying the blue desitn are very diaper change

Ashley P 0 likes

Avenno oatmeal bath and let him soak or even real oatmeal works then A & D ointment on the rash and try not to wipe as much. Letting them go without a diaper for 30 minutes works too I always use baby powder before putting ointment as well...

Katty G 1 like

My baby just had diarrhea too bc of the bug the desitin wasnt really doing anything so i put vaseline and in two days its just red now it had bumps it was bad, but getting much better(:

Lauren . 2 likes

Balmex! Clean butt with warm wash cloth and let air dry

Francine E 0 likes

Let it air out for a minute or two if he sprays it life. When it's getting red I start to use wipes and warm water and a lil soap after cz sometimes wipes don't get everything off and yeast will build up causing irritation redness. Take baby to bathroom sink for a wash every once in a while when changing him and let it air out before putting diaper on... Just keep a wipe on otherwise he sprays at ya... Oh and vasiline soothes them too

Olya T 1 like

At every diaper change* was supposed to be my ending lol

T 1 like

This is going to sound a little strange but my doctor told me that after my daughter had stomach problems as well to get the adult changing pads and put them out on the floor and let her roll around on them. She said the air will actually heal it faster than any cream. So I did that as often as I could between diaper changes. I also like the Desitin maximum.

Darlene D 1 like

My pediatrician had me put mylanta on my LO's bottom then equaphor. Healed it up in a couple days

Jade P 1 like

Aquaphor! Best thing ever!! Clears up a rash in a day. They sale it at wal mart and babies r us. It's like 6$. Better than ANY actual butt cream or paste.

Mama J 1 like

Alcohol free wipes. Use A&D ointment. It comes off a lot easier than paste. Try every other bath, do one baking soda bath (4tbs) and oatmeal bath (Aveeno packets). Pat/air dry, as much nakey time as possible and make sure they are completely dry before applying ointment/Vaseline and before putting in new diaper. Keep up with the baths until the rash is completely gone.

Trini M 2 likes

Use Aquaphor healing cream it works amazing! They also have this new product and it's by Aquaphor called diaper rash cream. It works amazing too! My daughter always has diaper rashes. It's the only thing that works.

Stephanie B 1 like

Take a cloth with lukewarm water and use that instead of a wipe and then I always used nystatin if it was really bad and then put desitin over it. Aquaphor baby worked for us too. If u can let it air out too cuz that's a lot better then keeping a diaper on 24/7

Amanda N 0 likes

My Lo had that too. I ended up taking him to the doc to get a prescription cream. Nothing else was working so I used the script cream plus canesten and a diaper cream too it worked really well cleared up fast

Baby M 2 likes

Naked hyney as long as possible. Then a and d ointment

An D 1 like

Honest healing balm has worked wonders for us.

Nikki M 1 like

I would use a and d ointment if it gets worse I would take him to the doctors

Destiny L 1 like

Triple paste is my favorite cream but it's expensive. When my daughters had their worst diaper rashes we used over the counter Lotramin for jock itch. It worked so well! Cleared up so fast!

Heather 1 like

Boudreuxs butt paste is my fav, it clears up really fast. Also not sure what doctors say about this these days but when my oldest was a baby I would pat some plain corn starch on her butt, it drys it right up

Gretchen K 2 likes

I love Aquaphor! Better than Buttpaste in my experience. Use it at every single diaper change.

Nadia S 1 like

I've tried all creams & they just seem to make it worse. My mother in law told me to use corn starch. & it worked in the matter of minutes. He

Mommy T 1 like

Thank you everyone! I'm gonna try all of it and see what works best for him!

Jen M 1 like

I use the diaper rash cream from the honest company and it works great

Melissa T 1 like

I've been through this a lot with my daughter. I would bathe her in oatmeal bath and then pat down there, put desitin on her, then hold her with towels wrapped around her and leave her diaper off for a few hours while she naps. It's okay if they pee, that's why the towels are there. Sometimes if you keep a diaper on 24/7 with a diaper rash it keeps the moisture in and doesn't give the rash the chance to heal properly

Katie B 1 like

We use a+d preventative ointment. It helps with the rash once they have it and also helps prevent it so they don't get it again. He had a rash 3 months ago and since using it my son hasn't gotten another one.

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