Hi Moms! My 9 month old little girl is continuously getting diaper rash & heat boils on her bottom. I consulted with her Dr. And he prescribed ointments which help but don't eliminate it all together. Do you have ladies know of any other ways I could be helping her. She's so uncomfortable. It's really getting to me.

Alicia M 0 likes

Have you tried butt paste. My niece gets pretty bad diaper rash and often. That has been helping her.

Brittany D 0 likes

Use butt paste my son is allergic to destine so I got butt paste and you can get it at walmart or target and it works wonders my son diaper rash was gone the next day

Charlie H 1 like

Have you tried baking soda? It worked wonders for my daughter. Also not sure if your doctor recommended calmaseptine as one of the ointments he gave you but it is the best ointment I've encountered by far. Good luck to you. Hope this helps. Oh and a bleach bath to kill the infection. I capful bleach to half tub full warm water.

Crystal H 1 like

That sounds miserable for you both! Have you tried different brands of diapers? Sometimes their sensitive skin can randomly develop an irritation to normal things they're used to...my 18 month old starting getting irritated around his diaper line so I moved him up a size and I switched to the Costco brand diapers and it cleared up within 3 days. Maybe try a new diaper that is looser - it'll get more air to her bum and hopefully help it breathe a little more and eliminate the heat. Good luck!

Robin C 0 likes

Try lots of diaper free time! To sit in a bath with a handful of baking soda, and try applying aquaphor than desitin!

Deborah T 0 likes

Baby powder to keep it dry? My son gets them and we were prescribed ointment too. I was putting Desitin and powder on the bumps and it actually made them disappear!

Scotti B 0 likes

Have you changed the brand of diapers? May be allergic?!

Nickollette F 1 like

How about corn starch

Grace W 1 like

Something in her diet, mine had that from drinking Capri sun

Heather S 1 like

Perhaps changing diaper brands. Organic or cloth diapers, to help keep her dry and help with sensitive skin.

M W 0 likes

Cloth diapers? Let her lie without a diaper sometimes and just put blankets under her to let her skin breathe. It could be a food allergy. Skin conditions tend to be the body riding itself of something.

Rachel C 1 like

Try desitin and maalox mixed together for a couple days and see if it helps, that usually cures the worst of my daughters diaper rash, including the rash she got from hand foot and mouth. Have you changed diaper brands? Perhaps try organic diapers, maybe it's the compound they use to wick moisture off that's causing her problems.

Ashley D 1 like

A nurse at my daughter's pediatrician's office suggested diaper ointment and anti fungal cream at each diaper change, also sprinkle some baking soda in the bath with her. Hope this helps.

Jocelyn S 0 likes

I have four kids and what I have noticed so far when they get diaper rash is that based on their diet like they eat too much fruit just an example. I have tried different diaper rash stuff out there and the best by far is the DESITIN CLEAR its like a petroleum jelly type... The paste like the ointment type doesnt work so far based on my experienced. The DESITIN CLEAR works perfectly and promptly.

Chely M 0 likes

Yes cornstarch worked for my niece so well! My sis wasn't very fond of the idea but it absolutely worked for her little girl who went thru the same until she was like 1.

Remiya B 0 likes

Try using honest company diapers or pampers swaddlers...also try using aquaphor baby it's great for rashes and skin issues usually clear up in less than A day

Krista M 0 likes

My son used to have this same issue and it broke my heart! I changed his brand of diapers but what worked overnight was mixing petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and Desatin diaper rash cream. I was so tired of the docs giving me the wrong advice that I asked the pharmacist lady who I have gotten to know... She has 4 younger boys and I figure who better to seek wisdom from right?Also my son would scream with scented wipes... Look 4 fragrance free ultra sensitive wipes! Hope this helps mamas!

Teri L 0 likes

My toddler still gets diaper rash. We always use desitin extra strength at night to keep it at bay. You could also try vasoline it might help?

Christina P 1 like

My son would get real bad diaper rasher when I was using pampers swaddlers. I switched to parents choice and noticed an immediate difference.i think the swaddlers held in too much moisture. Try switching brands & see if it helps

Tiffany B 0 likes

I tried diaper changing, I've tried all creams as well. The heat boils are the worst. Even more so then the rash. I think I got tons of great suggestions. Now time to start trial and error. See what works for my LO. Something has got to give.

Alesandra N 0 likes

A friend of mine had that problem... She switched to "the honest company" diapers and there was a change. My daughter has never had diaper rash... I put Desitin on her bottom every time i change her. Maybe that could help? I also use huggies instead of pampers, she used to get rashes around the leg elastic band.

Gina D 1 like

Triple paste, my son had such a bad rash once it was bleeding, this cleared it up in two days!

Alicia M 1 like

You should look into essential oils. Like doterra. You can do some research and see what would help. I want to say peppermint but not positive.

Alicia M 1 like

Peppermint does help also with melaleuca diluted with coconut oil. When using the oils especially on babies you want to dilute with coconut oil. My family sells these oils if you are interest or in the area. I'm from Manteca California.

Ellen D 0 likes

When my daughter was younger we always had this issue when she was on antibiotics. I used to put a small tarp on the floor and cover it in a blanket that I didn't mind her peeing on. I would let her play on the blanket butt naked. The air on her tush always helped. Not really fun to clean up if she made a mess on it, but it worked! Hope she's feeling better soon!

Tiffany B 0 likes

I switched around diaper companies too. I haven't tried organic though. Maybe that's the route I need to take. She's teething so her dr said her urine is extremely acidic and though I change her every hour it just isn't helping. I am interested in the oils. I'm in the by area though!

Shawna F 1 like

Are you feeding her any solids? Baby food? My daughter had that same thing and I figured out she was allergic to the steamed carrots I was giving her. Same with my son, my daughter has grown out of it though.

Tiffany B 1 like

Yes she eats everything! Lol it's getting better though. It just takes a long time. I notice the heat doesn't help.

Shawna F 0 likes

Yes well I originally thought it was the heat too but it was like as soon as she went #2 she would have THEE WORST rash!! It made my heart hurt! Glad it's getting better though :)

Tiffany B 1 like

Thanks so much! I appreciate the advice.

Alicia M 1 like

Tiffany, since you are interested in the oils and not close to me lol you should check out the website, take a look and see what you can find. Take your time to read about the oils and what they are used for. Good luck !

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