Detox teas while breastfeeding? Not safe? I read they arent, just wanted a second opinion lol

Christina L 1 like

U just have to drink a lot if water. If u weight 125 u should drink atleast 4 bottles (glasses) a day to keep urself hydrated because when u detox its flushing all the toxins out

Lyla H 1 like

They can detox baby too, I guess. Not safe.

Olivia N 1 like

Imo they aren't safe. But a lot of people do a lot of things while pregnant and their babies are just fine. Personally I would wait

Marianne M 2 likes

I wouldn't. They strip your body of everything and you're already putting everything you've got into making breastmilk. I'd think it could seriously deplete you of critical nutrients.

EL . 1 like

I would wait

Linda M 0 likes

Thank u ladies!

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