Cute Halloween costumes for a one year old girl ? ☺️

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Janae M 4 likes

Minnie Mouse, a princess/fairy

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Ninarae 4 likes

Breakfast at Tiffanys!

JVP 4 likes

Cabbage patch baby! Kitten. Crayola crayon. **I always did the Onsie costumes for my kids under a year so they are comfy! This year I am Cruella & my two LOs will be Dalmatians! (:

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Little old lady!!

Cassie B 3 likes

Hubby and I will be Ana and Kristof, our son will be Olaf, and our dog will be Sven. I think a family theme is always cute!

Lyla H 2 likes

Where'd you get those? I HAVE to do that pumpkin one. Oh my gosh...Overload of cuteness!

TnT M 2 likes

My baby is going as Lambie. My 2 y/o is going as Doc!

Mommaofkj j 1 like

A disney princess

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