Curious. If people won't use blankets and won't let a baby belly sleep because of SiDs risk, why don't they room share? It is recommended to do that for six months to decrease the risk. Studies show babies breathing and heart rate are more regulates when closer to mom. Why do people pick and choose which recommendations to follow? Not judging just wondering.

Ty L 0 likes

It's so many different suggestions for raising children. I had my LO 2 years ago...when he was an infant his doctor strongly suggested no co sleeping because of deaths that were happening with parents rolling on their babies....but now co sleeping is a trend. I guess the way we raise our children is what society deems "fit" at the moment.

Chi M 0 likes

For the same reasons they cherry pick vaccinations! There are so many resources (websites,books,blogs,etc), that can be very convincing without full disclosure. You can get very confused with all that's out there. And us mammas are easy prey...we are emotional, desperate, fatigued, beginners...just wanting to do the best for our kiddos. But sometimes that blinds you to siphoning fact/fiction/opinion.

Savannah L 1 like

My four month old mainly sleeps in her crib. She hated the bassinet and never sleeps s well with us, the first few weeks were fine but then she wanted her own space ( not much of a cuddler ) In her crib she sleeps all night but with us she's up every two hours. If she's not feeling well she spends most of the night with us. And every morning she comes to my bed for her baba then we cuddle up and go back sleep.

Vanessa U 0 likes

I don't know. I feel it's more of how the parent keeps a close eye on their babies. Mines both shared my bed and their cribs AND sleeping on top of pillows and pillow top mattress. And throughout the whole time I'm light sleeping to make sure they are breathing ok. I love when my babies sleep with me. They sleep better and are more happier which makes me satisfied.

Baby M 2 likes

I was just curious as to why ppl dont follow all recommendations? I am just as guilty. I use blankets and let her belly sleep but she in in her pack and play bassinet next to my bed and i am the lightest sleeper. It has actually saved her life twice being so close as she choked twice from spit up (reflux).

Jade F 3 likes

I use a blanket and co sleep with my little one. I tuck the blanket in the sides of the bassinet and then when she wakes I put her on my chest and we sleep for a few more hours. I'm probably doing everything "wrong" but it works best for us

Baby M 3 likes

I think that is key, finding your own way and not getting too wrapped up in recommendations

Makena H 1 like

I do practically all recommendations 💕 my babe sleeps in a bassinet next to my bed, firm mattress, no bedding, no toys, no pillow, swaddled, dressed to the temperature, fan on to circulate air, pacifier, and placed on his back only.

Baby M 1 like

Makena. You are probably the only one i know that manages all the recommendations. That is awesome!

Vanessa U 0 likes

I'm afraid of flat heads. I alternate them to sleep on their sides and back.

Makena H 1 like

Thank you! 💕 I did a ton of research before my lil one was born. It helps me sleep knowing I have done everything in my power to prevent an accident. And my 4 week old only wakes up twice a night! So it seems to work for him too ☺️

Chelsey H 1 like

My LO got too big for the bassinet, so we moved to crib. You follow what you can.

Linsi M 1 like

My girls slept/sleep much better in their own space. It's just a fact for many people. Being that mine were tiny (5-9 & 4-4), I never would've felt comfortable with them in my bed (my husband thrashes around in his sleep & we have 2 dogs who have been around longer than the babies). We moved them to their room when they were getting up once (3am) & they stopped getting up at all. It worked for our family. People have to do what works for their family, not what a book tells them to do

Baby M 1 like

Linsi. Good point. I wish ppl wouldnt be so afraid of blankets. Its just comforting😄

Jaxons M 1 like

I wonder that to. People pick and chose and then if someone else doesn't follow they are the first to judge!

Baby M 0 likes


Ashley A 1 like

I don't follow a lot of things it feels better for my daughter to be next to me in bed so I can hear her breath and watch her easier

,....... . 1 like

I used a blanket with my LO but I also co slept. I was a very light sleeper so any tiny sound or movement would wake me.

Lindsay E 1 like

My 2 1/2 month LO won't sleep in his bassinet anymore as he likes I move his limbs around while sleepin and now he's much bigger so he hits the sides of the bassinet and wakes up, so we had to move him to his crib. As well he loves soft blankets and will not sleep without one (only to his tummy) unless he is in someone's arms. Oi believe to do what works for u, as well I wake up a few times a night to check on him in between being up for his night feeding.

Eryn 2 likes

My son has been in a separate room since day 1 unless he was having a bad night. There is so much information out there and so much that is unknown as well. I want to raise my son to be independent while also knowing he can come to me for anything. Thus, we rarely cosleep or room share. No one really knows what causes SIDS so you do what you can to keep baby safe. I also did not see the point in putting him through the stress of a transition later when he was fine in his room.

Kristin W 1 like

I belly sleep and with a blanket.. My lo is close by in his crib

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