Cry it out or not cry it out? What's your experience? My baby is 6 months old.

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Crying it out is bad for babies. It's their only form of communication.

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Well...I started at 8 months old and failed. My daughter is now 4yo sleeping with me every night. I wish I stuck it out. Seems to working better this time around!

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My son has colic and cries often. The longest I let him cry is a minute while I fix his bottle or bath or get his medicine

Yvonne A 1 like

Depends on the parents honestly. You know your LO and you know what's best for him/her. I don't suggest co-sleeping because I'm now regretting it. I understand they are little for so long, but it's going on 4 years now and I'm starting to want me time.

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I agree. If you let them cry it out for too long, it might only frustrate you more. What my husband would do and still does to my son is pretend he heard something or saw something out the window and it would stop his crying and the. Try to make him laugh after that. You just have to be creative with them. What I learned from the Hubby.

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I couldn't stand to hear my daughter cry when she was an infant even now that she is 13 months old. It breaks my heart to hear her like that, she was never colicky though. I know people say its bad to not let them cry it out but its my choice as her mother and I know whats best for her. It puts more stress on myself perhaps but its all part of motherhood!!

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Yes. I started to let my son cry it out when he was 7 months old. It was a rough few nights but after 5-7 days he was sleeping through the night not waking up once!

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But I wouldnt let him cry over 30 min. It seems like forever but he was not hurting he just wanted out of bed.

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Cry it out only last a couple days sucks at first but teaches independence

Christie M 2 likes

It didn't work for us. Mine cried and cried and cried, never stopping. I went in every 5-10 minutes to reassure him that it was okay, but it still didn't work. He just loved co-sleeping with mommy and daddy. That is what worked for us. He slept through the night and we were all happy campers!!! You have to just find something that works for all of you.

Sarah R 3 likes

Cry it out gets better each night. First night sucks, second sucks less and by the third/fourth night my daughter went right down

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A baby shouldnt learn independence. You are a mom at night too. Cio is selfish in my opinion. Neglecting needs in a baby is wrong. And yeah, comfort and cuddling are needs

Ella M 2 likes

Tried once, never again ... And at 10 months she sleeps 10-11 hrs straight... It will get better

Jeanine H 3 likes

I cried it out at 8 months and my son is fine :) it depends on your child. We tried a bunch of other methods at first and none worked.

Jeanine H 3 likes

I agree with Sarah. First night was the worse by we did it exact as the instructions said. Did not pick him up. Only soothed him with our voices. We didn't go into the room for more than 30 seconds to 1 min. And made each wait a little longer. Who process was about 45 minutes to an hour the first night. Second night was 20 minutes and third was starting to become routine. When he woke up in middle of night I bf and rocked him and put him right back in his crib. :)

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You put them in bed with a full tummy, dry diaper, and sleepy eyes. So what need do they have that calls for immediate attention? Nothing, just them wanting attention... They cry because they're tired and want to sleep. It's the best thing we've done for dd. It took 3 nights and she now talks herself to sleep. Hardest thing EVER but so worth it. We sat in her room and picked her up till she stopped crying every 10 min then put her back down, so we weren't "abandoning" her. She's very happy!!

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Cry it out !! Worked for us !! It's horrible first night but yes it gets better and better every night !! Stay strong

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We did cry it out at 11 months by accident LOL I put her down in the crib and thought she was sleeping so I showered. When I was getting out I heard her start to cry I rushed to get dressed and in a min or two when I rushed to her room she was sleeping. Since then she sleeps fine but I don't recommend letting her cry for more than a minute or two.


I never let my 2 1/2 year old cry it out when she was a baby and she is a very independent toddler. Actually now I don't let her cry it out. When she throws a "fit" I just explain to her why she can't have what she wants and she stops crying and just says okay and goes on. But I guess every child is different.

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I talked to my doctor abt this and there are studies saying that it causes depression in later yrs... So my Little guy always gets picked up when he cries!!!!

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so my bestfriend has a 18 month old daughter and my son is 3 weeks and keeps telling me let him cry let him cry but i think its cruel . She did the " cry out method" but her daughter is a brat and gets everything she wants and always crys for attention.. I just dont get why shes so for that if it didn't even effect her daughter in a good way. I just dont think its right. You bring this baby into the world so you can love them not neglect them

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I don't like to let my 3month old cio unless he's obviously fussing. He usually will be asleep in a couple minutes, if not I Go and get him. I ever let him cry or fuss long, as it's his only way to communicate to me

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I think parents are confused about the cry it out method. I would do my research first, which is what I did for LO at 3 months Cry it out is NOT letting baby self soothe for independence or to give u a break its a process in training your LO how to fall asleep on their own so when they wake up on their own if nothing is wrong they are confident to fall back asleep. Yes we did CIO but she still co sleeps it's just getting her able to fall asleep w/o being rocked. It worked for us took 3 nights

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Babies don't cry for no reason however learn your baby's cries my LO would have a different cry when she wanted us to rock her to sleep. Also rocking or bouncing or cuddling had nothing to do with naps. At the end of the day find what works for you and figure out your goal first! Why are u considering the CIO method? Then go from there. Sorry this is so long I just get frustrated when ppl don't understand something and spread bad information/advice...

Amanda H 1 like

Well if a baby is sleep deprived that can cause obesity and depression later on too. I think if the baby is not getting sleep, then you have to do what you can to help them. Yes of course try other methods. Co sleeping or a self soother. But they still have problems sleeping I don't think it is wrong to try a cry it our method. This doesn't mean the child is screaming for hours on end. I think people will do what's best for their child. It's not a big deal to wake up on the middle of night.

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But if you can have a happier baby that is getting the sleep he or she needs I think that is best. You can still do a sleep method and have your baby wake up and respond to their needs. It's helping them wake up less and fall asleep better and longer.

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