My son is almost 3 months old and I believe he has cradle cap. The peds didn't prescribe him anything and I have been putting oil in his hair to loosen the dry skin for 30 min before washing it out with baby shampoo making sure I clean his scalp thoroughly. His scalp will be fine for an hour and than gets dry and scaly!!! Poor thing. Any suggestions to get rid of the cradle cap or make the situation any better.

Chrysta P 1 like

Mineral oil would work - leave it on over night and wash it off in the morning - repeat till gone :-)

Brittany N 1 like

They have medicine for it at the store. But when my son had it when he was being bathed I put baby oil on it & combed it out of his hair off his scalp & it never came back

Nicki E 0 likes

My little one had it since a couple weeks old. We finally tried Mustela Stelaker and foam shampoo. After a few days it was gone! We used the shampoo during his bath, leaving in for a few minutes then used a soft brush to soft it up, then rinse thoroughly. Then in the morning I applied the Stelaker. It's a thin lotion that looks a little greasy when you first apply it, but it dries after a few minutes.

Hannah E 1 like

Use the baby's soft bristle hair brush to gently rub while shampooing his hair every night. This will loosen it & it will come off in no time! Can even use a little lotion after!

Janna S 0 likes

They have something for CC at Walmart in the baby section. Not sure what it's called but I have seen it.

Crystal H 0 likes

My daughter had it too. I just gently scraped it off with my fingernails. Usually while she was BFing. Then just made really sure to wash her hair in gentle circular motion like a massage. She had it on her forehead and top of her eyebrows too. I also only washed her hair every 3 or 4 days when she was a baby to prevent her head from drying out.

Kim O 0 likes

Baby shampoo can be very drying. Try a moisturizing shampoo instead. I use adult shampoo on my babies heads.

Taylor P 4 likes

I massaged coconut oil on my sons hair and brushed it with a stiff baby brush and then once it was brushed off his scalp, I rinsed it. I've never had an issue after

Amanda K 4 likes

Coconut oil and the little soft plastic bristle brush they give you in the hospital. Works wonders!

Christine L 0 likes

Put breastmilk on it :)

Sheryl B 0 likes

My sons Ped said to use hydrocortisone cream

Remiya B 1 like

My daughter had it really bad so I only wash her hair twice per week and massaged coconut oil and brushed it thru twice a day... Cleared up in less than a month

Erin S 2 likes

Coconut oil and a baby brush! My son had it bad! I mean like thick huge scales! I still have to treat it and he is almost 5 months old but it is barely there now. It is also linked to a dairy intolerance. If bfing try to avoid dairy

Teesa D 0 likes

My son has a very dry scalp ever since he was months old... Recently I started using Dream Cream and the Dream Wash from Lush and it works amazing!!

Jessica W 0 likes

We also were told to use hydrocortisone cream and tar shampoo

Anne D 0 likes

Both my boys had cradle cap, and my 10 month old still has some traces of it. It's not harmful and doesn't bother the baby, so I just scrubbed the head with regular baby shampoo on a wash cloth during baths and then used a baby brush to loosen the dry skin cells. It eventually goes away so I wouldn't stress over it.

Beka C 0 likes

Our ped told us to use selsun blue shampoo on the affected area like a facial mask for a few minutes, wipe away with washcloth. Cleared up right away. Downside is, it kinda stinks. And be careful not to get in baby's eyes, it is NOT tear free.

Caroline W 0 likes

Don't wash his hair more than twice a week. If your shampoo has alcohol in it get a different shampoo. I like Babyganics. I put baby oil in his hair using a cotton ball. Then I use a soft bristle brush and comb his hair back to lift the dry skin. Lastly I smooth his hair back down with a clean cotton ball. Sometimes I repeat these steps a couple times. I don't wash his hair until the next bath time which is usually the next day.

Victoria S 0 likes

Oil and then soft baby brush before baths!

Lauren C 0 likes

Make sure it is not eczema, I thought my son had cradle cap and ended up being eczema

B K 0 likes

Baby oil and a fine tooth comb. Mine had it too and his little head got red when I did it but he wasn't bothered. Bath after that and the next morning it was barely there.

Kerry S 0 likes

My daughter had it once. And it was pretty thick. I put coconut oil on left it for 2 hours (coconut oil does not stain anything and has antifungal properties) then I comb it all off her head and bathed her. It never came back!

Nina M 1 like

Coconut oil. It puts moisture back into the skin. It's gentle for baby too! You don't have to wash it out right away. Just be careful with it on baby's head and then heading out into the sun, may cause a burn. Hope it helps.

Edda M 0 likes

Tea tree oil

Jayna Rissa C 0 likes

Mustela foam shampoo. Let it sit for a minute, comb his scalp really good to loosen all the flakes. It works! & my son had really THICK cradle cap! GL

Jennifer S 0 likes

My pedi said to use selsun blue.

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