Cradle cap won't go away!! I've tried shea butter, coconut oil, healing balm from Honest company.. Any one have any thoughts? Doctor check it and was not worried..

Mary C 1 like

When my son had it I put baby Vaseline all over his head after his bath then brushed it and put a little more and then had him sleep in a hat. It was gone the next day and he's never had it again.

Jessica Z 2 likes

Two of mine had it like that too. Wait it out, it's ugly but it'll go away don't worry! And that balm from Honest Company is amazing, if that didn't help, nothing will. Lol!

Kayla W 1 like

What is it?

Iridiana P 3 likes

My daughters pediatrician said you can try putting baby oil through the area and leave it in for 10 minutes and lightly scrub LO head. You can try it a few times if it doesn't work she said you can also try head and shoulders dandruff shampoo just a tiny but and only once every week or every two weeks.

Chandler's Mamma(: ( 1 like

I always just put baby oil on my sons head while taking a bath and then washed his hair after everything else and it went away within a couple days.

Breezie T 1 like

I scrub my lo head with his brush when I shower him and that helps some . That crap is just a pain . :/

Baby V 1 like

Believe it or not, A+D baby rash ointment worked wonders for my infant son.

T T 1 like

Coconut oil and lightly back comb

Baby V 1 like

Did it for about a week U will see results everyday!

Julia : 1 like

I did baby oil and then gently scrubbed it with a toothbrush. It got a lot better after the first time and was completely gone after the 3rd time. You just have to make sure and rinse it off really well. My pedi said if left on oil can actually make it worse. Good luck!!

Kristen S 1 like

I have read that it's the mother's hormones escaping out of their bodies which is why it's not always where their hair is. My son had it. I just used a fine tooth comb before bath time when it started looking like dried skin. When it flakes off it gets everywhere. It will eventually start to go away on it's own.

Adalynn S 1 like

I've heard coconut oil too

Kahley B 2 likes

When you give your baby a bath, use the baby wash and a brush and go to town. Baby oil and a baby brush. Worked for my son.

Priscilla A 2 likes

My little girls doctor said if it bothered me so much to wash her hair with head and shoulders. I never did it cause It did not bother me and she had it up to she was a year old and some change as for my son his went away around 5 monπŸ˜„

Michaela R 1 like

I put coconut oil in baby in the morning and bathe in the evening. Scrub with a soft bristled brush. It may take a few times but it should work. Works for us!!!

Mrs. H 2 likes

My ped recommended Selsun a Blue shampoo. Seems to work !

Ciara B 1 like

I picked it off then applied the coconut oil, etc.... Never got it again. If u put the products on top of the cradle cap then it won't go away so easily.

F T 1 like

My LO has it as well! Yesterday, right before his bath, I put some baby oil with a cotton on the affected area and brushed his hair! Believe me, is gone !!!!! I'll try that at least twice per week :)

Racheal H 1 like

There is stuff called Vitamin E ointment that you can get at GNC for $4 it is like Vaseline and has aloe Vera and wheat germ oil. I have put a thick coat on for 24 hours and it works great,

Jenn V 1 like

I out olive head on my sons head and let it sit for a few minutes and then took a baby washcloth out a little oil on that and scrubbed his head gentle. It all came off..... But warning it is kinda gross because the dead skin will be everywhere so put a fowl under his head.

Samantha M 1 like

I just rubbed a little baby oil on my lo's head and didn't really make it a big deal. It eventually cleared up.

Sh4nn0n 1 like

I went through the same thing and then my son started to get really dry skin in other areas of his body. I tried EVERYTHING and it didn't show any signs of getting better. it looked like it was getting worse. Then I found this product called Mustela stelatopia moisturizing cream. I used it on his cradle cap and dry skin. Cleared up after a couple days. It's a little pricey but it was worth it!! I bought the wash too.

A W 1 like

My son had it too and I put bum balm - peas in a pod brand on it and it was gone the next morning!

Nicole K 1 like

Baby oil, leave it on for an hour and then clean it off. It will come back but keep doing the oil and it's suppose to go away around 5-6 months

Jessica W 1 like

Was your lo head with a cloth and baby soap then brush after bath

Clara's M 1 like

I did olive oil on my daughter's head, let it sit for 20min, washed it off with a wet wash cloth and it worked wonders. All gone!

Rachel J 1 like

My baby book says milk anti dandruff shampoo, leave it over night and wash it in the morning in mild baby shampoo or baby bath liquid. And it might take a few times before you see an improvement:)

Rachel J 1 like

*mild anti dandruff

Jen M 1 like

Leave it alone it will go away with time

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