Cradle cap? My LO is bathed every night before bedtime and I scrub it gently but nothing I try helps. Any suggestions?

Kayla B 2 likes

I used baby oil when my little guy had it. Also I used a little bit of baby lotion at night before bed both worked. Good luck!

Mia C 1 like

Baby oil does help the appearance of it right then but cradle cap is caused by too much oil so really just washing it like you're doing will help mostly and brushing it off

Savina G 1 like

I used coconut oil and let it set for about 10 minutes and it all came off and I havent had to do it again

Amanda L 2 likes

Yes, baby oil in the morning and at night. It cleared my little guy's right up. You'll need to brush it out.

Usi Q 0 likes

Yes baby oil works wonders!! And buy a little comb for babies! I use it all the time during bath. I wet his scalp and comb through, then I wash with shampoo and comb again during rinse.

A E 1 like

I use coconut oil on my little guy and it works like a charm! He has a mild chase on his scalp but severe on his eyebrows and I apply it to his face several times a day and once a day on his head. I put a hat on afterwards that way the oil seeps in and doesn't get on everything else. It's food grade and 100% natural so there's no chemicals unlike baby oil! I don't wash out the oil, I let it sit all day to really soak up the dryness. Bathing every night will dry it out more

Aren E 0 likes

I would defiantly cut back on baths. Every other day is recommended for babies.

Momma To T 0 likes

Baby shampoo and a soft tooth brush. Took me almost 8m to get rid of my daughters. Best of luck!

Becca L 1 like

I have always used baby lotion for both of mine. Works pretty well. :)

Mommy Of 2 M 1 like

Baby oil let it sit for an hour and than take a fine comb and comb it out. I did it for my son at 2 months and it all went away :)

casey h 1 like

Baby oil works great, but depending on how bad it is they actually sell special shampoo that massage into their scalp right before bath time. My daughter had it really bad and the special shampoo was only thing that helped. It was sold at CVS and was made by gentle naturals

Michelle W 0 likes

I put baby oil in his tub water and after a bit it was gone and hasn't came back, but his also wasn't terrible to begin with just a lil bit noticeable

Jessica B 0 likes

Isn't loosing up? I brushed it to loosen it and peeled it of with my nails while lo was sleeping after a bath.

Angela E 2 likes

My son had horrible cradle cap when he was just a newborn and his pedia told us to use selsun blue every other day (really tiny amount) and gently massage the scalp. That stuff really works!

Brittany B 0 likes

My pedi told me to use Vaseline and a soft bristle tooth brush. I bought a baby tooth brush, so it wouldn't hurt him. Now I must warn you, if you reside to doing this, plan on staying in the house for a couple days. The Vaseline will make their hair extremely oily!!

Stacy 0 likes

Seldom blue shampoo gone in a day ! Leave it on ten seconds be careful to not get in eyes tho use a wash cloth dr rec. and she had it badddd can use on the eyebrow area too

Stacy 0 likes

Don't do anything else bit use selsom blue !!!! Works like magic

Stacy 0 likes

Oh and then use aveeno baby lotion for eczema on it after dr orders

Stacy 0 likes

Oh and bathe every other day

Alicia C 0 likes

If the area in which you live has hard water, bathing every night may decrease the chances of it going away. I live in a city with hard water because our water is filtered in an aquifer and has a high calcium content which causes dry skin. It was also recommended by our midwife to bath every few days due to the sensitivity of a babies skin.

Mandy W 1 like

The doctors told me to bath my LO every other night and to kinda cup your fingers together and use your nails to lightly scrub the shampoo and it does work also after he gets out the bath I put lotion on his head where the cradle cap is and I try to keep lotion on it throughout the day. Also you could try Vaseline and let it sit for 30 min and take a comb and brush the hair backwards and it lifts the cradle cap (some of the hair to tho) then wash your baby's hair.

BabyRellO's M 0 likes

Use coconut oil and a soft bristle bush and go in circular motions.

Brittney R 0 likes

Coconut oil is what we use. My son is 2 months old and he still has a mild case of it but the coconut oil is helping. I spoke with me dr about it and he said you can do nothing at all and it will clear up on its own eventually and not to worry. But I'm too impatient for that lol! So the coconut oil seems to be speeding up the process :)

Kate S 0 likes

Nephews pediatrician recommended olive oil after baths. Worked like a charm! Hair is a bit greasy for a while but it clears up super quickly!

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