Help!!!!! So my son started getting cradle cap and folliculitis... Well now he has severe baby acne and it's getting worse even with prescribed medication. Just letting you know I have took him to the hospital 2 times and his doctor 2 times. They say he is ok. I need your opinions....

Lizette G 0 likes

Poor baby I'm so sorry I hope he gets better soon

Katherine B 0 likes

Try using all natural products, the honest company is a great way to go. My son has skin issues too an that worked for me. They have an app and you can purchase everything online. If you do decide to go with that do the diaper bundle is cheaper and they send you enough diapers for a month :)

Liz C 1 like

Poor baby try breast milk.

Em A 2 likes

Breast milk or coconut oil!!

Em A 1 like

My son only had a few little zits on his face when he was a new born and I would just rub breastmilk and let dry and they went away. If you are breastfeeding rub breast milk on there every like 4 hrs and let it air dry and see if that helps for a few days.

Em A 0 likes

Coconut oil is good for cradle cap.

Mommy Of Two Guys 0 likes

Poor baby I'm so sorry

Christina B 1 like

I think you should stop using medication try washing his onsies in hot water with tide or something mild bathe him at least once a day and see how that goes no lotions or anything. The less you use the better especially when the person has oily skin.

Brooke J 3 likes

Definitely wash all his clothes, your clothes any bedding & towels in non perfume, non dye detergent. If docs prescribed you the medication then I suppose you can use it. Do not bathe him everyday. It will dry the acne out too much & cause his skin to crack. He will be in so much pain. Breastmilk is a great way to go. Also don't keep the acne too moist, it won't be able to heal. Let it air dry, no regular lotions though since most contain alcohol. Especially don't pick which I doubt u do anyways

Brooke J 0 likes

One more thing. If you don't already make sure your hands are super clean maybe even wear gloves when apply the medication to the folliculitus . You don't want any germs since it's already infected.

Ashley M 0 likes

We used all clear detergent when his skin was irritated with dreft. Also coconut oil works wonders. I use it for everything ! When he takes a a bath don't forget the fine comb for cradle cap (use during shampooing). My son had a big amount of baby acne. I noticed severe-ness of it was in direct relation to his nail length as well. I hope your baby feels better!

Craigs M 0 likes

I bathe him every night because of the cradle cap... I have used coconut oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, A&D, and Vaseline... When I noticed that it was getting worse even with medication, I stopped using it for a day, it got better, then worse again. I used the medication and it got better, then worse... I tried triple antibiotic last night and it looks better... It's just a pain...

Taylor B 0 likes

I used head and shoulders for my son for his cradle cap just avoided getting it in his eyes and his went away in the matter of days

Ruth A 0 likes

Breast milk is the best I also used eucerin creme Hope it goes away soon πŸ˜–

Krista P 0 likes

Ouch poor baby . :( I hope you find something that helps

Bianca C 0 likes

Poor baby I hope he gets better soon!

Kathryn C 0 likes

Poor baby! Make sure you use scent free things when watching his or your clothes

Franny E 0 likes

Oh lord. I'll be praying for your lo God I just wanna hold him or her... I wish we can take these bad stuff from our kids put It on us instead... Try to use cotton clothes only! Don't bathe him with soap or anything just water for a few days and see if it works... Keep moisture away from his breakouts... And pay close attention to medication you giving him on his acne some medication only makes it worse.... Poor lo

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