Colicky 3 month old what can I do? Already tried massage, gripe water, gas drops, rocking, walking, white noise

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Already fed, changed and burped him numerous times.

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Have you tried leaving him/ her alone for A few minutes in one of her favorite spots? My LO did the same then we just put him in his swing. He fussed for 10 minutes (heartbreaking) but then got over it.! And was in a much better mood all afternoon! It beats spending 3 hrs trying everything else!!

Mommy Of 2 M 0 likes

Sometime my LO likes to lay on my chest and hear my heartbeat and he falls asleep..

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He still fussed in the swing. It just slowly decreased to no noise at all

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Try... Skin to skin contact Tummy time Gas drops Patting on the butt I bounce my son on a bosu ball he calms him down every time

Cher K 0 likes

Colic calm works the best for us....

Jen K 0 likes

Try folding up a receiving blanket and wrap it tightly around baby's tummy, pressure helps, just not TOO tight! Also maybe try pushing baby's legs up towards chest, it helps push gas out...

Alicia C 1 like

Skin to skin?

Ksquaredmommy 0 likes

Colic calm works wonders! It's black and will stain their clothes but was a lifesaver with my son

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Happiest baby on the block...use the 5-S method. Swaddle, shhh/ white noise, swinging motion, suck, side laying. If you have time/energy 🙊 it's a GREAT read for mamas!

Laura H 0 likes

I give my babies a little bit of chamomile and wrapped them in a warm blanket really good and that will do it

Alison M 0 likes

Chiropractor that uses the activator method

Brooke M 0 likes

My colicky LO always calms down when I sit on the edge of the bed and hold her so she has her head by my chest, and bounce bounce bounce! She likes to look at me while I do this and I softly sing, hum, or shhhh

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