Coconut oil for cradle cap ?

Latasha W 3 likes

I just used baby oil.

Cassandra P 1 like

I used baby oil as well, and a fine tooth comb. It took a couple of times.

JenniferLynn X 1 like

How long did you leave it on for?

Ashleigh 0 likes

Works great! Massage it in 20mins before a bath and then make sure to wash out really well. You can also use a baby brush to loosen up the bits while in the tub to. Or leave it in babys hair for the night.

Theresa S 0 likes

Baby oil and just leave it on. I put it on after every bath

Kathy M 1 like

Yes! Soak it on before a shower than lightly scrub out

Felicia T 2 likes

I just took a soft baby brush and shampoo and gently exfoliated his head in the bath. 3 days it was gone. Be gentle.

Melanie W 0 likes

I used the baby oil GEL! It's wonderful

Jenn M 1 like

I used baby oil. I applied it thick and left it on for 20ish minutes. I find using a soft bristle baby brush makes it easy to remove! Good luck! I always hated people asking what was wrong with his head!

Danielle A 2 likes

Coconut oil for everything. :P Olive oil works for cradle cap too.

Sharon D 0 likes

Definitely! I use it for my sons eczema too

C L 2 likes

Coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin e oil, baby oil. All are good! I let soak for ten minutes prior to bath and used a cradle cap comb to gently comb out! Then shampoo and baby brush to gently scrub! Took a few baths but it's all gone!

Happy M 0 likes

Or olive oil. Heard coconut oil can cause a reaction if there is an underlying nut allergy

Heidi C 1 like

I used coconut oil then when I shampooed, I used his brush to help get some of it off.

Kayla L 0 likes

Yes! That works well and also putting Vaseline or petroleum jelly on before bed!

Jamie B 0 likes

Works amazing! Let it soak over night and comb out in the am!

Jules M 1 like

Rub it in massage it around then wash as normal. Repeat until gone and then do once a week to prevent it!

Stacy 0 likes

Selsom blue gone immediately

Stacy 0 likes

Then put aveeno for exzema on it doctors orders selsom blue for ten seconds with wash cloth then aveeno

Ruth A 0 likes

I use baby oil :)

Catherine B 1 like

Breast milk!!! It does wonders!!!!

Stacy 0 likes

I only had to use the selsom blue once so try buying a travel size

Brianna G 0 likes

I use coconut oil every bath my daughter gets it in the middle of her head. I just shampoo her hair with a little baby shampoo rinse it out then add coconut oil & rinse it good in the bathtub.

Savina G 0 likes


Latasha W 0 likes

I put the baby oil on and then used a fine tooth comb too, every time before his bath, for a few months. πŸ˜„

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