circumcision Yes or no? Why do u think that?

Renee β 3 likes

Yes ! It's good for baby boy hygiene

mercedes m 1 like

no😒 it very painful & its OK not to get in terms of complications. some may argue but you should do your research and chose for yourself. I've read that the pain is so unbearable that the baby goes into shock & that is the reason it stops crying

Ruth A 2 likes


Danie M 0 likes

I'm not for or against but my husband wanted it done for our boys.. My youngest boy was born naturally circumsised

Renee S 0 likes

I say yes. It's def painful but besides the initial time of when it happened my LO did not cry at all from it!

Nena P 1 like

I did it with my baby and I am happy I did my sil did not circumcised her son and in daycare they never cleaned him appropriately and he got uti and that was the worst thing to watch. Everybody has different opinions on this subject I had it done to my baby and I am pleased with it

Victoria L 0 likes

I had my son done the only time he cried was when they used rubbing alcohol pad to clean him the numbing shot didn't phase him a bit

Heather F 3 likes

We did it with our son, for hygiene. It healed extremely quickly, and went much better than I expected.

Catrina F 0 likes

I have no experience with babies because I have a daughter but you should consider how your decision would affect your so when he is older. I worked at a nursing home And I found that some Lnas would not pull down the foreskin to clean. Food would get stuck there and it'd be red and painful. At least a baby won't remember and it would be less painful than if they got it done as adults

Mom Of 4 U 0 likes

Yes! Hygiene!!! Both my boys got it done second day after birth n they're fine. I'm super happy I did it. My brother was eight n the skin over his little penis wouldn't go back for him to clean inside so they had to get it done. Poo guy.

Keli H 0 likes

I had it done with my son. I did it for hygiene. He had no issues at all.

Erika P 0 likes

I don't have a boy but when we DO have one we plan to have him circumcised for hygienic reasons.

Patty A 0 likes

I didn't do it with my son because his father didn't want us to and honestly I regret it so much. I wish we would have.

Paola O 0 likes

If i have a boy i will! Hygien comes first. And boys who dont always get infections..

M. S 3 likes

No. It's a purely cosmetic procedure and I would never perform an invasive procedure on my lo for cosmetic reasons. Also I don't feel I have the right to alter my sons body without him having a say. The cleanliness argument is moot, as long as you teach proper hygiene then it's a nonissue. Hubby is done but we are both in agreement we would never do it. Also where I live it's not recommended and very few doctors do it, so the ones with it done will be few and far between.

Katie A 0 likes

Do your research. Prevents several things and is cleaner. Academy of pediatrics recommends it. Yes!

Jenn T 0 likes

Yes. I actually held my babies hand when he had it done.

A W 1 like

100% Agree with M. Steacy ^^^ My SO is and we choose not to. It is purely cosmetic!!! In Canada it's hard to find a doc that will do it anymore and it's not covered by out healthcare because it's considered cosmetic!

Liams M 0 likes

My SO's father had to get it done at 40 because it got infected! Trust me it's a lot more painful when they are older! My best friends sisters son is 5 and he's had 4 infections so far one more and they have to do it! So much easier to get it done when young! We got our lo done and he's 11 months now and no infections or anything! At the time they did it he was perfectly fine when it was over and it took about a week to really heal but he was completely normal in that week!

Lex 1 like

If we have a boy we are doing it.

M. S 2 likes

A W I'm Canadian too! The Canadian Paediatric Society does not recommend routine circumcision. It seems like Canadian and American health authorities have very different opinions on this subject.

Momma B 1 like

I did no research and i had it done to my son. He hasnt had one problem.

Gunner Danger's M 2 likes

My husband chose to do it. But it's totally cosmetic. Back in the dark ages, before daily baths and soap it was for health reasons. Not the case anymore. There is no significant difference in the number of infections bt boy who are and boys who are not. American standards of practice are changing too in this regard as well (we are behind, using the ICD 9) tryin to catch up with Canada and the rest of the world.

Momma To 2 U 0 likes

I'm Canadian as well and had no problems finding a doctor to do the procedure. Ya we had to pay but after all of the research, plus my husband being done it was worth it. 1 in 10 men end up having to have it done later in life well when we talked with about 20men in our life 15 of them had to have it done later and had wished their parents had done it when they were a baby. I do not agree that it's just cosmetic. But to each their own and I advise everyone to do their research.

Mama Of Princess 2 likes

No! My SO and stepsons are not and none of them have ever had a problem!

Momma G 2 likes

I live in Canada also, most doctors will not do it unless medically necessary. My sister wanted her son to be done and she would have had to go to the next city to have it done. It's painful for babies and they are conscious while its being one. It's can be hard on their little bodies.

Staci E 1 like

My son had it done but they never warned me about hw it culd possibly strt to grow over n basically uncirc itself.. My lo was a chucky and his penis stays in ans the skin tried to reattach itself ovr the head.. So jus b aware i never knew tht culd happen. I gav him some ointment and hes fine now

Megan H 0 likes

Yes!!!!! It may hurt the baby when it's done but a newborns memory is very small they will not remember it after 5 mins! It is good for a baby boy to get it bc it is very hygienic and will be easier to keep clean and away from infections

Ashley E 0 likes

We decided yes mainly bc daddy is and when it comes time to potty train he will look the same as daddy and not be confused, but I have also read horror stories about adult men having it done due to hygiene or preference and it is much more painful and a much more serious procedure as an adult!

K.C. R 0 likes

It's a personal decision! Not right or wrong answer. And yes with any surgical procedure there will be risks and possible infection.

Crystal M 0 likes

Yes it's so much more hygienic. A little pain they won't remember is worth it in our eyes.

Liams M 0 likes

I live in Canada and there was no issue at all finding a doctor to do it! My family doctor recommended us to a few and I decided to go with one in the same building! The hospital even suggested a few and said that they were more than willing to help find one for us if need be.

Liams M 0 likes

Trust me don't let people scare you into doing it or not doing it! Do what you think is best and honestly whatever you want will be the right decision!

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