Has anyone ever used castor oil to induce labor? I'm 38 weeks pregnant and dilated 1.5 cm. I have a repeat scheduled c section Christmas Eve but I don't want to be in the hospital for Christmas because I have a 2 year old son I want to be home with as well. My doc doesn't want to do it before 39 weeks for legal reasons but she said if I go into active labor beforehand I'll be in luck. I just want to go into labor this coming weekend so I'm home w my new baby in time for Christmas. Advice? Thanks

Danielle C 2 likes

My best friend used it with her first of three. She said it worked but that it caused horrible cramps and she said she would never take it again.

Courtney O 3 likes

I tried it, not worth it, one they say it's not good for the baby but works.... It didn't do anything for me besides give me an upset stomach and a bad taste in my mouth. Walking a LOT, when you get small contractions start walking and sex. Also I read that it was scientifically proven nipple stimulation, never tried it felt weird myself but by all means. Nothing does work 100% though, baby comes when baby wants (:

Tessa I 2 likes

I used it and took shots of ginger n water like 4-5 of them mixed caster in a big smoothie within 24hrs I had him

Crystal L 2 likes

Well, when I was trying to have my daughter prior to her due date. I was told to have intercourse (ik not ideal) or go on a power after a meal. The power walk and meal prior helped me to have my daughter later on that night. However; family members of mine considered the other option which works much quicker I heard. As far as Castor oil. I heard it works I just never been there to witness the affect first hand. Good luck and Merry Christmas๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ

Shannon H 2 likes

Idk if I would personally use things like that to induce my labor but lots of sex and walking can do the trick :) and I'm sure your SO won't mind lol

Brittney H 3 likes

I have heard so many horrible stories of women who have used it. BUT I used it with my third pregnancy. I was a two at 38 weeks. Took castir oil mixed with sunkist soda (nastiest stuff ever) and had my DD that same night without a single Problem. Labor And delivery went perfectly smooth. But that's just MY experience with it. But I know women that all it did is give them horrible diarrhea and no contractions. Your body and baby has to be ready.

Brittany C 1 like

It just gave me "fake" contractions and diarrhea:(

Rach R 1 like

I did nipple stimulation with the breast pump and went into active labor within 2 hours. YouTube it..works.

Natalie D 1 like

Walk walk walk and have sex, my dr said it's actually the contraction of having an orgasm that helps the body start contractions bringing baby so whatever does that for you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kaitlin J 3 likes

Some say it gives you the poops. ๐Ÿ˜. I never used it. The only way I know to really induce labor naturally is stripping of the membranes, walking and lots of sex and spicy food (they say.)

Ciara B 1 like

This info is good to know. I'm 36 weeks & was wondering the same thing. I'm hvng a scheduled c-section jan 7th & I want him to come sooner bc my 6 year old returns back to school from winter break on jan 5th. So my gf is going to keep him either way but it'd b soo much less stressful if he came during the 3 weeks my som is out of school for winter break. Let us know how the castor oil works out! I'm eager to know!

Mrs W 1 like

Sex is best apparently! Reflexology, you can find a pregnancy reflexologist who knows exactly what they are doing. Acupuncture and yes walk as much as you can to induce labour & speed it up. Other old wives tales: -drinking raspberry leaf tea; eating pineapple; Gently pushing on your tummy so baby knows to go down (as if you were trying to reverse burp baby through your tummy!); spicy food I did it all and either it worked or she was going to come out a few days early anyway! Good luck!!

Mrs W 1 like

Also nipple stimulation is supposed to move things along!!!

Alexandra P 1 like

I used an exercise ball to move things along. I also used it at the hospital to help me with contractions.

Raquel B 1 like

Since you are being sectioned can you ask your dr to change your date? I was so uncomfortable and miserable when I was approaching my due date that I would have done anything to speed up the process, but I read that doing so can pose risks, so I refrained. Unfortunately, the best and healthiest thing for you and baby is to just let nature take its course...although I know that's not what you want to hear, and I feel for you with missing Christmas.

Victoria S 1 like

I inserted 3 or 4 evening primrose oil capsules before bed every night for 3 days. I also drank all natural raspberry tea. I went into labor the morning after my 3rd dose of capsules. The capsules also help with stretching, I only had one stitch with my little girl. Good luck!

Nancy W 1 like

Clean clean clean!!!!! I qas 36 weeks and wanted my pregnancy to be Over!!!! I started cleabing the House (deep cleaning) a week later the day I decided to rest my water broke!

Sweetest M 1 like

Orgasm. Hot shower. Walk. Orgasm again (why not? Haha)

Jules M 0 likes

The ladies I know that tried it and it worked were past their due date. It causes bad cramping, diarrhea and vomiting. They all want into labor about 6 hours later but like I said the were more ready. Go see an acupuncturist or massage therapist that knows how to induce labor, it doesn't always work but it's less painful. No matter what you try baby will come when baby is ready:) Congrats tho on your upcoming birth!!

Jennifer A 1 like

Yeah sex isn't an option; my kids have the same dad but I'm not with him anymore. It's been a long lonely pregnancy :( but I think I may just let nature do its thing and she will either come when she's ready or I'll keep my scheduled c section date, I feel bad pushing her if she isn't ready and I don't want to do anything to harm her. I'm having second thoughts lol. I don't want to inflict anymore pain or suffering than needed haha

Jennifer A 1 like

Thanks everyone for all your help and advice!

Jennifer A 0 likes

So I took 2 tbsp of castor oil last night at 7pm and here it is 330 am, it did absolutely nothing for me. Not even the poops which has been a blessing. Guess I give up on that, lol. I'll just be ready for my c section Christmas Eve. Thanks everyone for the advice and help. Have a good Christmas.

Mrs W 0 likes

How did you get on??

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