Is it safe to put vapor rub on my baby's chest? She's 12 months and has a cold. She won't sleep but just keeps screaming and crying. I don't know what to do. I've given her some Motrin and it seems to helping a little. Any advice?

Ashley B 3 likes

My mom said she did it with all 4 of us and we turned out fine. You can also rub some on her feet and put socks on. It actually works and makes them feel better

Anonymous 2 likes

Baby vapo rub in feet and cover them with socks, it works wonders!

Blake P 1 like

There is baby vapor rub

Christinae B 1 like

Vapor rub on their back helped open up my little one. Especially the lemon scented.

Stephanie W 1 like

Baby Vicks bath too!

J B 1 like

I don't put it on my daughters feet because she's constantly pulling her socks off and putting her feet in her mouth. I actually put a little on her back, since she can't reach it. The smell is so potent, it still reaches. Regardless of where you put it, just make sure your little one can't get to it. Not good in mouth or eyes (ouch)!!! Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Abby R 2 likes

I have used it on my sons chest since he was 12 months old, and I also put it on his feet and put socks on him. It always seems to work well for us. Hope this helps, and hope ur little one feels better very soon! :-)

Dakota R 0 likes

Either do the feet with socks or on back shoulder blades. There is baby Vic's that works just as great.

Abby M 1 like

I put baby vicks on my sons chest back and feet. It seemed to really help him sleep so much better! Hope your little one gets better soon!

Nattie 1 like

Humidifier! Keeps the room moist and helps with the breathing. My mom did always use one with me, along with vapor rub. I haven't used vapor rub on my son though. Only the humidifier. Good luck!

Beth E 0 likes

We put a little on her back. It helps so much!

Melissa K 0 likes

I put it on his feet and on his back and put him in a footed sleeper! We also run a vaporizer with the Vicks vapor pads!

Caitlyn S 0 likes

Yup love it and you can get a nice bubble bath for cold by Johnson's

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