Can chocolate constipate you ?

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Yes. For sure.


Chocolate is usually considered a laxative 🤔

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JVP I always thought It was the opposite

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Nerdymommyplus2 That’s what I thought but I ate too much and I feel like I’m fucking constipated sorry the words i am so dam Miserable


Idk lol. I always hear that chocolate itself is a laxative but I also know too much milk constipated so I'm not sure how that works 😂

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Nerdymommyplus2 maybe i just Over did ot i can't even drink milk i fly the bathroom

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Maybe if you're sensitive or allergic to milk but my sons pediatrician told me sugar can make it easier to poop

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Aline C yes i kinda am i normaly can't have much milk since it gives me the shits sorry the tmi and late replay

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Unicorn_love then there you go. Milk will do that to you. Maybe try dark chocolate or cocoa

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Aline C yes i just ate it like crazy lol i never did that again :)

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