Can anyone tell me much about attachment parenting? I want to do it with my nb when he/she arrives but I'm not keen in sharing a bed as it scares me a little. Does it matter?

S T 1 like is a great resource for people wanting to practice AP. There's just so much to it that 500 characters isn't enough to scratch the surface, but you can adopt any or all of the ap principles that you feel comfortable with so it's definitely ok to not bedshare.

S T 1 like

Oh I should add if it's possible (room size etc) to cosleep even the aap recommends that people do that for the first 6 months. Cosleeping is simply sharing the same room as your infant. LO can be in their own space (crib, bassinet, pnp, whatever). So all bed sharing parents cosleep, but not all cosleeping parents bedshare.

Jessica W 1 like

We co slept for 6-7 weeks and then moved her to her own room. She sleeps great in her own crib and in her own room. We did not sleep train her, it was just a lucky transition. I would never have forced it if she had a hard time adjusting and we do not believe in letter her cry it out. I still rock her to sleep every night before putting her in her crib

Darlene T 2 likes

AP is just gentle parenting, such as not letting the baby cry it out (CIO), they do lots of baby wearing (in front carriers), there are many fb groups that are great help!

Chrysta P 2 likes

I side carred his crib - so he's next to me but in his own space :-)

Emilyanne H 0 likes

I'll have her in my room. But I'm just afraid of laying on her or something.. Haha. Thankyou:)

Alicia S 1 like

I slept with my baby for the first month, but after that she went into her bassinett, it scares me to sleep with her now, I don't want to run into problems later with not being able to get her out of our bed. Some say it's a good idea, and some say it isn't, it's completely up to you.

Jen M 1 like

I coslept with my son for as log as I breastfeed. U really do have a special unspoken connection while breast feeding. He only breastfeed for 4 months then he went into his own room in the crib. Do what feels right to u :)

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