Calling all mother who have formula feed your baby. I need your opinion on which brand is better based on your experience with your children. Debating between gerber, enfamil, similac. Which one of these formulas is better?

Taylor S 3 likes

We use similar advanced. And have no problems with it!

Caitlin A 3 likes

I give my son similac organic and he has bo problems at all:)!

Jackie L 3 likes

We are using Similac since we left the hospital 4 weeks ago. We haven't had any problems with it. Enfamil seems to be more accessible for free samples and such.

Ann O 3 likes

We use similac but I agree it's easier to find enfamil coupons. We use similac because lo has mspi.

Amanda T 5 likes

I used similac alimentum and had no problems.

Ethan's M 3 likes

My son only likes Enfamil I have tried similac organic and regular and he didn't like it so much.

JVP 3 likes

Gerber taste chemical. Enfamil is good. I find the smell a little funky. Similac is yummy and I LOVED it. & cheaper than enfamil!! (:

Angie . 5 likes

Used enfamil no problems

Mel E 2 likes

We Used enfamil but we had to be on nutramigen and the similac version made my daughter sick. I really think it depends on the baby. Some have no issues and can switch with no problems, other babies are super sensitive and can only drink a certain brand.

Taylor S 0 likes

my MIL always prints me boocoodles of coupons for similac. I think she gets them from

Momma To T 2 likes

I had to use parents choice with Iron(Walmart brand). I tried similac omega 3 & 6 & similac sensitive and both made my dd either throw up(not spit up) or not poop for days on end.

Patti T 1 like

Similac gave my LO the worst diarrhea- we switched to Enfamil and it works much better for him. I just supplement though. Maybe ask your pedi for samples to try. My pedi gave me a couple of weeks worth of both so I could try them before I committed to buying a big can at the store.

Lisa M 1 like

I started with enfamil, then switched to the target brand. Both were great for my LO

New Mom 2 1 like

I use Ferber good start and he is doing well with it. The only issue I have is that it tastes bitter.

Isabella M 2 likes

I hated Gerber. I loved Enfamil the most!

LJ 0 likes

I have used similac with both of my babies. If you go on, you can find similac coupons!

RAN's Mommy 0 likes

We used the up and up brand and parents choice.. Soy formula ... My dd had no problem with any brand.

Mrs. H 0 likes

We have always used Enfamil & the lo has never had any tummy issues. PTL

Erin B 0 likes

I like gerber soothe

Beth H 0 likes

In all honesty it depends on you and baby. What works great for one babe may make another sick or fussy. It's all trial and error. Start by getting small portions of one and if it works then continue on it. If not try a different type (organic, gentle, etc) or a different brand all together.

Ronnie R 0 likes

I've used both enfamil and similac, I think similac tastes better just because the smell is completely different and enfamil brought on a disgusted look from my second son. But whatever you choose, her we should be your absolute last choice their formula isn't good based on taste (chemical like) and it's been known not to agree with babies very often

Herm D 0 likes

Enfamil and similac

Courtney D 0 likes

We used Enfamil. And then my daughter would spit up a lot almost like she would swallow it and then it would just come up. So we used the AR one and it works great for her! She's 10 months and we will start transitioning her to milk soon.

Anastashia G 0 likes

Please only post comparisons of the brands. I understand fully that it is my LO decision on what he dis/likes. I received similac in the mail. (Soothe and advance stage 1) I've used both so I can dis/agree on your posts. I'm looking into what formula I should try out next before committing myself to one formula.

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