Hi smart mommas who have experience a C Section with no insurance (Self-pay) How much did everything cost you? My Ob quoted $4000 for her PF from start to finish but other than that I know there is more to cover such as rooms, operation, epidural etc. Thanks :)

Stephanie B 1 like

I had a c section and with health coverage through my employer it still cost me about $8,000.

Stephanie B 1 like

Just an estimate but without health insurance it would have cost me about $13,000 to 14,000. My baby had a small hole in her lung and was in icu for the first twelve hours so mine was a little more. Hope this helps. Good luck with your pregnancy!!!!! Oh and happy 4th!!!!

Ashley N 1 like

We were quoting prices bc we were going to pay out of pocket at first but ended up getting on my hubby's insurance around week 17. The doctors price is totally different from the hospital. On average the doc charges about 4000$ that's including all the office visits, ultrasound, and delivery. They usually will let you pay it out. Now the hospital bill that's going to be around 15000-20000$ it may be different for cash patients. And csection is more expensive than a vaginal birth

S T 1 like

You'll probably have to call the hospital since price ranges so much from area to area. I didn't have a csection, but still had to pay the hospital $2000 on top of what I paid my OB. Our insurance made us pay 10% of the bill so it would've been $20,000 to the hospital for a relatively uncomplicated vaginal delivery. I'd hate to see what the bill for a csection would've been.

Lola A 1 like

I don't have insurance cost me $11,000.

Caroline W 1 like

Do you have to have a c section? My delivery bill was $15000, vaginal birth. I have insurance thankfully.

Marina M 0 likes

I'm not sure where you live, but does your state provide low income health insurance? I live in Arizona and my friend was on the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). She had her baby by c-section (doctor chosen, she tried to do it vaginally) and she didn't have to pay anything.

Rachelle J 0 likes

Thanks for this very helpful responses. Both my kids were born via csection and I assume the 3rd would would be the same way. I should start calling hospitals here fpr a quotation. However I am so torn to call or even to go to a doctors appt because we know we are moving up eldorado hills or roseville but we haven't found the house that we want yet and going to the ob here in burlingame will cost me $4000 upfront but what if we move midway. I doubt we can reimburse it. I am in CA by the way

Melissa O 0 likes

I also live in the sac area. I signed up for Kaisers platinum plan and paid $367 a month. There is a $250 copay per day and I was in the hospital for 2 days. That was the best deal I could find.

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