Breastfeeding in public... Opinions? Suggestions?

J B 1 like

I did it, but always used a cover. I felt more comfortable that way.

Out N 4 likes

I do it all the time exapecaly now that it's getting warmer out. I hate making my hot sticky baby hotter by covering him

Brenda 1 like

Just use a cover if you feel uncomfortable.

. . 1 like

I did I used a cover. I only got told something negative once. But it didn't stop me. ☺️☺️😄.

Rae 4 likes

While I believe it needs to be normalized, because it is a completely natural thing, I think woman should be mindful of their surroundings before they whip it out lol. I watched a group of teenage boys checking out a woman breastfeeding at a restaurant. Gross? Yes. But it's the world we live in and people will be people. Definitely do not think woman should feel the need to go into a bathroom stall, ever.

Pam V 0 likes

I do it, I bought a cover from I LOVE IT

Tess J 1 like

I do it all the time 😳I try to cover but my LO rips it off every time. I try to find a spot out of the way though so I'm not flashing too many people

June18th 2 2 likes

I always used the cover , save the hassle and stared down from strangers. Plus I am not comfortable showing my boob to the public lol.

Gail G 0 likes

I passed on going out with a friend because I was so scared I was going to get dirty looks. Nyc is a harsh place sometimes..

Emily T 0 likes

I think it is every woman's choice but I am personally uncomfortable with it so I never did it, I exclusively pump anyway but even when I didn't I always just brought a bottle. But if you are comfortable then I say go for it!!

Andy 1 like

It took my awhile to get comfortable with it but now I don't care. I do use a cover. I wish there were more options for breastfeeding moms as to where to feed.

Gunner Danger's M 0 likes

Whip em out! Try to cover up as best as you can. I did it so often I sometimes forgot other people were around... Like my brother. Weird. Most of the public feedback I got was very positive. But then again I live in Seattle, land of the hippy tree huggers :/

Jordan C 2 likes

I have no issues with it whatsoever. That's what breast were made for.

Marianne M 0 likes

I did, I just used a light swaddle blanket. Never even got a sideways glance.

Tessa L 0 likes

I did, sometimes with a cover, sometimes without. It would just be a pain in the butt to use a cover in the middle of summer! Lol! My poor babies would get so sweaty. Never got weird looks or anything. I actually had a couple people offer me water (a server at my bother-in-laws wedding offered me water when she saw me nursing my daughter because she was a nursing mom too). Most people were very supportive of it, so don't be afraid to so it if you need to!

Coryn P 0 likes

I do it. Baby has gotta eat. If someone can't handle it that's their own issue.

Coryn P 0 likes

Ember's mum, I would've taken that opportunity to inform those boys what was going on. I will and do feed my daughter anywhere I would be comfortable eating a candy bar. Which is everywhere...except a bathroom.

Brittney E 0 likes

I'm going to nurse in public and not use a cover :) I'm not using my breasts in a sexual way so people shouldn't be uncomfortable by it. Just my opinion :)

Mom Of 5 0 likes

I do it all the time.

Genna Z 1 like

Cover up and just do it! It's our right! We're mommies.! If businesses have a problem. Look up their rules. Then if your angry enough blast them on social media. And take it to further to the news!

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