My son is almost 3 wks old and I'm breastfeeding and will continue to BF But does anyone else feel like this.I hate BF It's painful for me no matter what! I don't feel a "bond" like they say.. I feel more of a bond playing or holding him in my arms.. It's so hard for me to get a good milk supply.I'm just over it! People say the first month is the hardest for BF is this true?? Anyone hated to BF and it got better?? I'm not gonna give it up because it's better for my son.But any advice?

Marissa C 0 likes

My daughter was 3 weeks early and wouldn't latch. It was really stressful because I would try a minimum of 30 minutes on each breast and she wouldn't take it. I final gave up because I got so stressed so I pumped instead. I ended up drying up when my daughter was a month and a half. It's very difficult but stick with it and hopefully it gets easier for you.

Jacquelyn M 1 like

Nipple shield could possibly help

M. S 0 likes

I had blisters the first week and a half and it sucked. Once I realized I had her latching wrong it instantly got better. I was letting her latch with my nipple in the middle of her mouth so the friction would cause the blisters; once I switched to "nipple to nose" it had no sting at all. I figured it out on my own but see a lactation consultant if you are having issues bcs truly breastfeeding shouldn't hurt!

Diana D 0 likes

Yea my LO has a tiny mouth nipple shield helped. Just make sure you burp him well. I stopped using the nipple shield after a month. Use it mostly then give him your bare nipple when you feel less sore. Use it again if you feel sore. Till you don't need it completely.

BoyMom 0 likes

As long as baby is latching properly the soreness will go away. It took a little while for us to adjust and learn but now 9 months in I can't imagine doing anything else! It was a pain for the first month or so but it gets better. If you want some motivation go look at formula prices lol ;)

Diana D 0 likes

Oh, and yes first month is the toughest. Cause your boobs are always engorged and your nipples are sore... But the pain goes away. It's sorta a transition period for your boobs.

Alison G 1 like

It takes a while to get the hang of especially with your first. It could be your latch, if the baby is latched properly then it shouldn't hurt and to get the bond you just have to relax. Don't worry or think about anything else just look at you beautiful baby you just grew inside you. :)

Diana D 0 likes

Oh if you haven't been told, use lanolin after every feeding. And let them air dry. Treat your nipples like a babys butt

Meghan M 2 likes

I'm sorry it's so painful I can relate. Breastfeeding my son brought tears to my eyes. I saw a lactation consultant who said he was latched on appropriately. She said my pain was probably caused by his small mouth and me having extremely sensitive nipples. I hate it when people say if the baby's latched on correctly it won't hurt. I just don't think that's the case for everyone and it makes you feel like you're doing something wrong and you just need the baby to get the baby to latch right.

Meghan M 0 likes

The lactation consultant actually suggested I pump rather than be in so much pain. I was adamant about wanting to breastfeed as well. This worked for us. He got breastfeed milk and I wasn't in pain.

Mommy C 1 like

The first month was the hardest. I'm over 3 months breastfeeding now and I promise, the pain stops. Your nipples just have to get used to it. Right now it's still just new to you and it's time consuming but once you let go of the stress and try to relax the breast milk will come easier. Just try to relax when you're feeding and make sure the baby is latching properly. My milk came in more after the first month.

Mommy C 0 likes

Also lanolin helps a little but if you can rub a little drop of your breast milk on your nipples it helps heal much more and much faster. Best of luck to you, if the pain continues for too long maybe look into a nipple shield or just exclusively pump.

Natalie D 1 like

Right around 3-4 weeks was the most miserable time for me to BF, I was sore she was going through a growth spurt and wanted to feed every 20 minutes or so and that's what helped my supply come in. The second best thing to constantly offering your breasts to get your supply up is drinking so much water my goal is a gallon of water a day at first this was hard for me because water is not my first love lol! So I treated it like a game every time I feed a down a bottle of water until it got super

Natalie D 0 likes

Easy to drink tons of water and between that and breastfeeding I've lost over 30 pounds with little exercise (I don't have the time right now) but yes it gets better and very soon! At about 6 weeks I was able to easily feed her when she wanted, then at about 8 weeks she was sleeping through the night and I could wake up to pump twice and was and am making more than enough now! Use lanolin to soothe the pain for now drink more water and I'm sure you'll find a love for breast feeding soon!

Natalie D 0 likes

I love the time I can stare into her eyes while she eats and how funny she is when she's "milk drunk" after! Also there's no one else who can make her as happy as mama since I'm the one holding her milk! (Probably the control freak in me that likes this part) lol

Sarah H 0 likes

It is really really painful but don't give up. Push through it does get better I promise. I was about to give up and glad I did not... The nipple creams really help. I use fenugreek and mothers milk special blend which really helps milk supply. Thing like oat meal every morning helps as well.

Erin P 0 likes

Try lanolin. It is amazing. I used it the first few weeks of breast feeding. My nipples haven't cracked or anything not even once! 3 months and still breast feeding.

Dee A 0 likes

I feel your pain! BF definitely tests your patience. I was miserable! Sore, cracked, blustery, bloody nipples the 1st week. I am tandem feeding twins & there were many days I just wanted to quit because the pain was so bad and I was stressed. I would question why I'm putting myself through this. I went to see a lactation specialist, she recommended a breast shield, a nipple ointment to heal my breasts. You can BF but also pump, or supplement to get a break here & there so others can help feed.

Dee A 0 likes

You will both get the hang of it after a while. It takes practice & time. Try Fenugreek or mothers tea, drink tons of water. That should help with supply.

Ashley W 0 likes

I wanted to quit at every single nursing session. I was always in tears. I hated BFing. Now at 13 weeks I am so glad we stuck it out. I have to use a nipple shield because that's the only way I can get her on my breast right now. She has a tiny mouth and a lip tie, but we have worked around it. Nursing on demand, staying hydrated, oatmeal for breakfast, and fenugreek boosted my supply. Hang in there, mama! It does get easier. You're both new at this and you're doing great!

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