Breast-feeding moms. I had a baby 2 days ago. Milk isn't coming in too fast. How much similac do i supplement for breast milk and how long do I try to keep baby on the breast with colostrum? ?

S.A 11 likes

If you want your milk to come in don't supplement, just keep putting baby to breast each time it shows any signs of hunger. Usually around day 3-4 it will come in :)

Mommy B 3 likes

I agree πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ don't supplement just yet. Just constantly try to nurse LO, your milk will come in soon.

Stephanie D 2 likes

Don't worry, your milk will come in! Keep baby on the breast until they let go and fall off on their own. It might not seem like you're producing much but you are producing enough for your baby as long as baby is still producing around 6 wet diapers a day. Don't rush to pump him full of formula.

K R 1 like

Dont supplement just yet! I know it seems like you're not making very much. From my personal experience, I pumped once while I was in the hospital & freaked out because it wasn't even half an ounce. I called the lactation consultant in & she told me it was the perfect amount & that that was all she was eating at the time. Their tummies are very tiny when they're born & can't hold much! Baby may eat often but that's good for your milk supply & for them! Keep it up mama!

Nichole F 0 likes

Keep the baby on for as long as he will stay. It will help your milk come in. If after or acting hungry, try an ounce at a time.

Jess M 0 likes

I actually had to supplement because for my first baby, it took five days for milk to come in!! I actually had a supplement bottle connected to a tube that I taped to my nipples so the baby was suckling and getting formula at the same time. It was agonizing work! I remember when my milk came in I was sitting on my bed and I just started bawling because I was so happy

Jess M 0 likes

Moral of the story, is stick with it and it will so be worth it!!

Liz G 0 likes

My baby is 3 weeks old tomorrow and we didn't start supplementing until he hit 2 weeks. I was exhausted but anytime they seem hungry feed feed feed. It's a lot of work and your nipples will be sore but it's really the only way to establish your supply. And always breastfeed before you give the bottle. Breastmilk >> formula

Megan H 0 likes

It took my milk almost a week to come in and I just kept offering him the breast and he did fine

S.A 0 likes

And colostrum has the perfect amount of sugar. Even just a drop is enough to meet all their nutritional needs. I am a NICU nurse :)

Mommy Z 0 likes

Keep them on the breast no supplementing if you want more milk. Unless necessary baby's stomached are pretty small the milk will come as much as baby needs

Maria I 0 likes

Keep breastfeeding. Don't supplement with formula. My milk came in 3 days after he was born. The colostrum that comes out is enough to feed the LO. Also you want your LO to suck as much to stimulate the milk out.

Tara V 0 likes

Don't supplement!!! You can pump to help your milk come in faster!! A newborns stomach is about the size of a marble so they don't need much to full them up. Your milk should come in soon. Nurse nurse nurse! It is tiring but it gets better!!

Liz A 0 likes

The worst thing you can do is supplement. It will ruin your supply. Just nurse baby when he cries it give hunger signs. The first cpl of weeks you will feel like ALL you do is nurse. That's normal :-) it gets easier! Best wishes to you! BF is very rewarding and the best nourishment you can give your little one.

Kristin W 0 likes

Mine didn't come in until 5 days after my daughter was born! The nurses at the hospital told me not to worry unless her urine turned darker colored. The lactation consultant told me to try and breastfeed her every hour or whenever she shows signs of hunger.

Maggie C 0 likes

I would pump and feed on the breast. My milk supply has been low since my son was born, 12 weeks ago we supplement with enfamil supplementing much easier on their system then normal formula

Maggie C 0 likes

Also don't stress about it will make it worse

mercedes m 0 likes

it will come just keep latching him/her on.relax & don't stress,it will decrease your supply. make sure you get plenty of rest.

mercedes m 0 likes

pumping also helps if the baby isn't hungry or asleep,that way you can see about how much milk you are supplying.

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