Breast feeding mamas: what birth control method do you use? How do you like it?

Isaydy S 1 like

I'm using a mini pill called norethindrone tablets ups (0.35 mg) and I love it, I just put a reminder in my phone for take it right before I go to sleep, it works for me

Melissa N 1 like

I have the marina iud it lasts for 5 years!

Denice V 1 like

After I had my baby I got the nexplannon in my arm but I did see a decrease in breast milk, but my dr. Told me birth control always effects everyone differently. But there is all kinds of supplements to help with milk supply!

Denice V 1 like

Oh and nexplannon is good for 3 yrs

Janel D 1 like

I'm also using Mirena. I had it inserted 8 months ago. No more periods!! Only a little weight gain. Nothing a few weeks at the gym can't take care of. It was a little uncomfortable/painful getting it inserted but it's been smooth sailing since then.

Mommyof2 2 likes

With my first I was on the mini pill ! Worked great for me. 10 months later I stopped taking them for a week got pregnant instantly

Rebecca S 1 like

I was on Mirena at first but I had terrible side effects and my milk dried up after a few months. I'd try something that's a little less expensive and permanent before taking the big leap

Shannan P 2 likes

I'm on the mini pill. No problems with milk supply

Mrs. Mah 2 likes

I'm on the Norethindrone mini pill too. So far so good :)

Megan H 1 like

Mini pill as well works good for us.

Precia M 1 like

Thank ladies! I've never heard of the mini pill. Definitely have to look into it. What're some of the common side effects that you've experienced personally?

Mommyof2 0 likes

I had a very light period not any major side affects I was also working out so I didn't gain weight or anything no crazy hormones . It's an overall good choice you just have to be on it and take them right if your joy Tryna get prego .

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