Breast feeding, Ive come to learn, isnt that easy or painless... Any tips? Ftm 1week old

Kerri M 4 likes

It gets easier. I promise. The pain and bleeding only lasts about two weeks. If re comment using medela tender care lanolin. Target carries it. It's kind of an oil so it doesn't hurt going on. It. Gets. Easier. Enjoyable even. :)

Ashley T 1 like

It's often frustrating at first and yeah it does hurt some but just keep with it! Make sure your baby is latched on correctly if they are on correctly it doesn't hurt. You will be a little sore the first couple of weeks because you've never done it and it's the most often they will eat. Just keep trying and good luck. I hope it gets better!

Brittiany B 1 like

Keep going, I promise it gets better. It's the best thing for your baby. If you get sore rub some of your milk on your nipple and let air dry then use lanolin. It'll help. I hope this helps

Tabitha C 1 like

I recommend getting nipple cream. Always helped me not feel the pain. I also would let my nipples get air after I was done. So I barely wore a bra unless it was to go places.

Jennifer S 1 like

Look up nipple butter on Amazon, very helpful for me

Emily O 2 likes

Patience, practice, perseverance, and prayer! Just stick with it and it WILL get better!

Stephanie W 1 like

Latch is extremely important! But try to get distracted until you're used to the pain.. Like watch a show or put on a lullaby with really good graphics from YouTube... That really helped me! Now I don't even feel a thing!

Sara 1 like

You'll both find a rhythm and positions you prefer. Hang in there, it's so beneficial for you and baby!!!

Kristin C 1 like

It gets better!!! Hang in there momma!!!

Amanda A 1 like

It does get easier! And stick with it, the pain will go away. It was horrible the first couple of weeks but it finally went away. I used lanolin and medela gel pads and it made a huge difference! I also wore nursing sleep bras so they were way comfier. Hang in there! Good luck :)

Jessica B 1 like

Hang in there. For the first month I remember my toes curling in pain everytime I would let down. I'd wiggle my feet and bit my lip and thought In not sure I can handle this. It gets better. After about a month the pain went away I was not longer constantly leaking and my nipples felt better. Hang in there. It will get better. And be proud of yourself! Bfing is not easy!! Also check and see if any of your hospitals have a bfing support group mine did and it was great.

BoyMom 1 like

I agree with the others, it gets easier! The first two weeks are the hardest! I'm 7 1/2 months in now and it's the easiest thing ever!

Mrs. K 1 like

Everyone kept telling me to just make it through two weeks and it'll get easier. And I gave every one of those people dirty looks. Because that's what everyone says. But I have since thanked everyone of those people for getting me to stick it out. Seriously, after 2-3 weeks, it does get better, I promise. I had to get a prescription ointment for my cracked/bleeding/sore nipples. But now, at 5.5 weeks, I don't have any problems whatsoever. Stick it out, mama, if you can! It is soo worth it!

Kristen I 1 like

Have you had your baby checked for lip or tongue tie? It shouldn't be painful. But it does get easier!

Adrienne J 1 like

If it still hurts after a couple of weeks check and see if your baby has a lip or tongue tie. If so, it won't get better until about 3 mo. unless you get clipped or lasered. A Pediatric dentist did my son's at 2mo. It has made a big difference for him and his latch but if I would've done it earlier (like my daughter when she was 2 weeks) I know it would've been even easier. Good luck and stick with it!

Heather J 1 like

Contact a lactation consultant or you local chapter of la leche league. These ladies have thousands and thousands of hours of teaching breast feeding. They can help you figure out if there's something going on with latching. For relief I suggest either rubbing breast milk on the nipple or coconut oil. Neither have to be removed before feeding. This is the tough part when you're both learning how to work with each other. Keep it up! It will get easier.

Katherine T 1 like

The pain stopped after 2 weeks for me. I hired a lactation consultant to come to my house and help me. My baby had difficulty latching which is what made it so painful. It's important to heal any sores you have on your nipples. The lanolin cream and then putting Saran Wrap over it helped me. Also like the last person said put breast milk on your nipples and let them air dry.

Alison M 2 likes

I used coconut oil, did a bottle of pumped milk so daddy could give it and I could have some peace for a bit, put some relaxing music on....and it does get easier!! I'm 13 months in and ready to stop but my son is a boob guy 😉 oh and make small goals - 6 weeks, 3 months etc and celebrate getting to each of them!

Maurie S 1 like

My first month breastfeeding was the worst. Lo is now 4mo and I look forward to feedings and bonding and the pain has passed. The first month is hard. I set small goals for BF... 6 weeks 3mo 6mo 1yr and each time we hit one I feel so proud and it encourages me to keep at it! It's a learning curve and eventually LO and you will be pros!!

Mommie D 1 like

Went through two infections of mastitis, blocked ducts, but kept at it eventually we both got the right latch and the pain went away. I agree with all other mommies it definitely gets easier!! And enjoyable bonding time! Good luck and don't give up!!

Samantha H 1 like

FTM here too and I was against breast feeding but I did it for my baby. Everyone told me give it AT LEAST two weeks. I stuck with it, and although I still don't like it I'm doing it for my LO. 5 months in and happy I stuck to it. First couple weeks was the hardest as still learning and the pain was unbearable(they even thought I had thrush for a bit)

Robin B 1 like

Don't give up! I preferred Lansinoh nipple butter from babys r us as it seemed to work better

Leslie B 1 like

Nipple shield..I almost gave up because of the pain, I would bleed every time, the shield helped ALOT!! But once my milk came in i exclusively pumped. My son is 5 months now and I am still pumping for every bottle and have 2 months worth of milked frozen. Keep at it, it does get better, but yes it does take patience, buts it's great for you and baby. Good luck, keep up the good work!

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