My doctor told me I had to wait 3 months before I could go on birth control postpartum. I originally wanted to get my tubes tied but because the hospital I delivered in is a catholic hospital, tying tubes is a no no. For me to go back and have it done my doctor said I needed to wait 4 months postpartum. All of this seems a little ridiculous. How long did you have to wait to start birth control and/or get tubes tied?

Christina P 2 likes

I was given birth control at my first checkup after my son was born.

D'Yani 1 like

That does sound strange. I'm not on birth control, but my doc offered it at my 6 wks check up.

Lindsey V 1 like

My dr gave it to me at my two week check up. It's a special kind since I'm nursing but he said to take it as soon as possible because I could get pregnant even while nursing. I've read online and was told by the dr that for healing purposes you should wait to be intimate for about 7-9 weeks. Check out for more info on when to start birth control.

Ella B 1 like

I was able to get the depo shot at my kids 1st week check ups after I had them. My dr said it be easiest until I can start/decide a different method to be on.

NiraH 1 like

That's strange I got on birth control a month after

Amanda H 1 like

My doctor offered birth control at the six-week checkup.

Heather S 2 likes

My doctor is an idiot.

S T 1 like

I started the minipill at my 6week pp checkup. My mom had her tubes tied at the same time as she delivered my brother (she had a csection). It sounds like the dr is letting the religious beliefs get in the way or is trying to make sure you have enough time to think about something so permanent (as though this is something you just randomly wake up one day saying :eye roll:). I'm guessing it's probably the first one.

Miranda T 1 like

That's odd....I got mine both at 6 weeks post partum.

Miranda T 1 like

And everyone I've known has gotten their tubes tied while in the hospital after birth. I wanted mine tied but no doctor would do it since I'm only 23 and the insurance won't cover until 30 :/

Katelyn E 1 like

I have the iud I had to wait for a normal period so about 8 weeks I waited

Sharolyn L 1 like

I got my birth control right at the hospital and u could get it at the 6 week appointment. But for ur tubes beening tied that is not right

Krystal W 1 like

I worked at an obgyn and the routine is you are suppose to have 3 postpartum visits at 4, 6, and 8 weeks. But every doctor is different and tell you to call if you have any problems And only do 1 or 2 visits at 6 or 8 weeks. And that's usually when they give you birth control. Just to make sure all your levels have went back to normal as well as your body because birth control can highly effect your body performance after a pregnancy. So

Krystal W 1 like

there just making sure your safe because of post postpartum distress syndrome.

Jessica S 1 like

I'm 22 had a rough pregnancy after close to 19 hours if labor they did an emergency c section and tied my tubes after they got my daughter out so they did it immediately she's my one and only child

Kristie G 1 like

I got my birth control 5 weeks post partum.

Jayleen D 1 like

BC was offered to me at my 6 week check up after all my kids, and when I asked about getting my tubes tied my doctor told me anytime I was ready I could do it .

Katie M 1 like

I was given the prescription at my 6 week appointment. I forgot to go pick it up and I found out on my first Mother's Day that I was pregnant again. My son was only 5 months old!!! You are very fertile after you have a baby so be careful. Get a second opinion in getting tubes tied and birth control. Most catholic hospitals will not tie tubes as it goes against their belief so find another hospital to go to.

Kadi L 1 like

Ask about ensure. It's a non surgical permanent birth control. It's equivalent to tying your tubes just without the surgery. Simple dr's visit to take care of it

Tierney S 1 like

I got mine at my six week check up

Kimberly R 1 like

Yea thats strange I got offered it at my six week checkup and gonna start it this sunday , i would go get a different doctor

A V 1 like

I got my tubes tied in the hospital the day after I had my youngest son.

Heather S 0 likes

Yeah I went to my 6 week check up and he asked about what I was doing for BC and I told him "well I need it." He flat out said no. I can't. I was like wtf! I had to "wait" and then I brought up wanting my tubes tied. He told me I would have to go through all this stuff to switch hospitals just to have it done. Then said I needed to wait even longer. I really can't afford an "accident" I just gave birth to twins. Lately we avoid sex. I've had to take plan B twice already.

Keisha 1 like

I started back on bc pill as soon as my period started after delivery. It was right at 5 weeks pp.

Lorri S 1 like

With my youngest I got my tubes tied. I had a natural birth and I have a problem with a high heart rate ( 100+ at no activity). The said I would have to get an epidural to have it done while I was in the hospital so we waited 5 weeks after my son was born and did it out patient.

Veda's Mommy β 1 like

6 week check up! That's strange?

Nicole 1 like

My doctor offered it at 3 weeks po

Yesenia R 1 like

Normally they do it after birth well down here in ny but after 2 kids

Charo C 1 like

Had my tubes tied two month after

Tracy R 1 like

I started birth control 6 weeks after my son was born and that was just to let my body heal some and go through all the bleeding from having him and having C-Section.

Julie A 1 like

They usually prescribe bc at your 6 wk check up. If ur interested in tying ur tubes you can discuss that at ur 6 wk and even get it setup. After my 4th I setup my tubal at an outpatient surgery center. I highly recommend tubal clips. There is hardly no pain, just light cramping right after surgery. No bc pills needed after surgery (most tubals you still need bc for a few months). Periods are normal. Don't go for Essure. My sister ended up having a partial hysterectomy from complications.

Amanda M 1 like

I had my birth control inserted at my 6 wk check up. I would call around to other doctors an hospitals to find out how they do it

Carlee C 1 like

I got my IUD six weeks post partum. But maybe getting your tubes tied u have to wait longer because it is surgery

Melissa R 1 like

my OB asks at your 6 week check up what your birth control plan is, also it is a discussion near the end of the pregnancy too

Shayna N 1 like

I got mine tied at a catholic hospital, all I had to do was write a letter explaining why I wanted it done and they had to approve it. You should be able to get some type of birth control at 6 wks.

Heather S 0 likes

Thanks ladies, I want my tubes tied, I'm happy with my 3 kids and step son. Our family is a good size. I just need to see a different doctor.

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