Best snacks for a 16mo for an 8 hour road trip??

K M 2 likes

My dd loved gold fish and pretzels

Leslie R 1 like

My baby loves the gerber snacks like the gerber fruit melts or Cheerios ... Use the canisters with the slits that controls how much they can actually take out and eat Works great...

E W 2 likes

Strawberries, chobani go-gurt, puffs, Cheerios, apples, tangerines. Good luck!

C M 2 likes

And maybe some pouches.

Coryn P 2 likes

Emily those sound messy lol.

E W 2 likes

Lol I suppose they could be! I always pre-slice and put them in containers to cut down on the mess. But they've worked for my LO who's 15 mo :)

Coryn P 2 likes

I imagine pulling strawberry pieces off of her sister's face when we stop. Lmao.

E W 2 likes

Lol! I never let my LO handle snacks in the car, they'd be everywhere! He has to ask for another bite ๐Ÿ“ so I can definitely see how my suggestions would be very messy if your LO is in the back with her little sister!

Coryn P 2 likes

Haha well we do hand them to her, we wouldn't give her the container. But she likes to throw her food and ask for more lmao. Dry food would be easier.

New M 2 likes

Fruits & veggies bring a cooler

AAJ C 1 like

Dry cereal, goldfishies, all in ziplock containers. I know when my family traveled with myself and siblings around that age we got fruit loop necklaces made with yarn so they didn't get all over the car and that worked pretty well.

immortelle 1 like

Omg where have you been?? :( haven't seen your posts lately!

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