Someone know Best product for the lice ASAP?? Help 😳 Thank you!!

Samantha K 0 likes

Vinegar !

Shayfa N 0 likes

You can get a can (or bottle) of Coca-Cola and pour it on your LO's head and then cover it with a bag. Everytime I have used it, it worked :)

Em A 0 likes

I can't remember but either olive oil or mayo. Scrub into scalp and cover with plastic wrap. It will suffocate them. You can probably find out which one online. My friend had to do it to her daughter.

Joan F 0 likes

Had this happen recently with my stepdaughters...saturate hair in olive oil and seal with a cap or shopping bag...they begin to drown in a few minutes. Next step is to comb through with a very fine comb...make sure to part the hair first and then keep combing. You will notice them as you comb them out. Shampoo three times and use warm water between each rinse.

Joan F 0 likes

... Lastly, you might be left with microscopic eggs that you won't be able to scratch off the strands so you will need to kill them by blow drying on the hottest setting. Repeat this for a couple days to make sure you didn't miss any spots. This is the cheapest and healthiest way. Your last option is to use RID. They sell it at the pharmacy but it had very harsh chemicals. Hope that helps. Good luck! :)

Joan F 0 likes

See above, I had to split my comment in two.

Nancy D 0 likes

They have some shampoo at Walgreens just ask!

Nancy D 0 likes

Is it for you or your LO ? Dye your hair if it's for you..

Frankie C 0 likes

Tea tree oil. When I was young that's all my mother used. Got rid of them pretty fast.

Christi T 1 like

Use the rid shampoo kit to get rid of them, then you need to put all their stuffed animals in trash bags and seal them up, store them out of reach for about 10 days, wash towels, bedding, winter coats, run the coat through the dryer when they come home from school daily vacuum the mattress and carpet daily do this for about 10 days. Be prepared to do laundry daily for the next 10 days. They don't like heat so maybe even blow dry their hair

Ashley L 0 likes

They have a rid kit at Walmart or Walgreens but mayo helps as well! Scrub it into the scalp then put plastic wrap around it, let it sit the. Rinse and wash! It stinks but it works lol!

Sam G 0 likes

Your pedi can write an rx for sklice. It's kind of pricey tho.

Liams M 0 likes

Tea tree oil kills them pretty quickly

Lynsey R 0 likes

My daughter has had several battles with lice. Someone in her class has passed to her every time the had class together . I personally found NO matter what kid of oroduct weather it's rid or store brand they never ever worked even after doing the follow up treatment a week later. You best bet is to go to the pedi doctor and get the script it for whatever reason is the only on theat works for us it has to be stronger or something good look the are a pain in the a$$

Kaitlyn L 0 likes

My kids all have long hair and the ONLY thing that worked was RID shampoo treatment. It paralyzes the lice so you can comb them all out. We literally tried everything and this was my saving grace.

Liams M 0 likes

You can also put tea tree oil in yours and your child's shampoo and it will prevent lice in future :) smells horrible but definately works!!

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