Best OTC seasonal allergy meds? Ive seriously never in my life dealt with allergies like this. From full sinuses and swollen soft palate and upper jaw pain a few weeks ago. To now I'm constantly blowing my nose, sneezing and my ears feel clogged. I'm going to use my neti pot but geez I just want to stay in bed all day. TIA 🌟

Cali^Mom 1 like

Claritan and Zyrtec work best for me. Zaditor eye drops for itchy eyes.

Heather 1 like

Claritin or Zyrtec and Flonase

Elli B 1 like

I took Allegra for my first time last week, it did make me sleepy but I felt better after just 1 dose.

Nicole H 0 likes

Zyrtec is the best

JVP 2 likes

Claritin and flonase! LOCAL honey!

Yessenia O 1 like

I use Claritin and my daughter uses Zyrtec. Really depends on u everyone responds differently. I agree though allergies this yr are crazy! I can't stop outside without taking meds!

Aline C 1 like

Claritin. Benadryl doesn't do anything for me

Ronnie R 1 like

Claritin D works best for me. The 24 HR kind is more expensive and you MIGHT need to get it from the pharmacist when you do but that's the only thing I could take most of my life. 12hr doesn't even cut it for me.

girlmom x 1 like

Thanks ladies Cali^Mom Heather Elli B JVP Yessenia Ortiz Aline C Ronnie Rey. Ive never been like this in my life and I'm always outdoors so it’s definitely an annoyance. It doesn’t help that I cut grass last night.

Aline C 0 likes

Also when it's really bad I'll also take allergy nasal spray and mucinex. You can ask for a shot from the doctor but the symptoms can come back after a week and the shot makes you groggy for a day

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