Hello! I'm a first time soon to be mommy! I'm 35 weeks and starting to prepare for my baby boys arrival. What laundry detergent is good to wash newborn and infant clothes? Thanks! 😊

Earlonda S 3 likes

Dreft or tide free and clear

Julia M 2 likes

I use tide original on everything in my house. But you can use Dreft which is made for babies, I think it has a strong "fake baby" smell though so I don't really like it. You could also use a "free and clear" detergent which is free from scents and softeners and is good for sensitive skin. Most major brands have a "free and clear" detergent.

Hillary T 1 like

I used dreft it's been around the longest and it's the number 1 peds approved

S T 1 like

I used the same detergent for lo's clothes that I did for mine (Costco brand free & clear). I don't like the perfumed smell of most detergents (including dreft). We never had any issues. We are now using another brand of detergent for the whole family because I'm trying to use healthier cleaning products. I wouldn't hesitate to use it on infant clothing if we were expecting another.

Jennifer D 1 like

I just use free and clear detergents. Either way your baby will probably get some rashes from just getting used to new detergent so don't worry if he gets a few in the first week or two

Karrine D 1 like

I used whatever was free of dyes or fragrance. Most brands offer "free and clear" I found Dreft to be too expensive so I bought Purex or the Babies or Us brand and I liked them both

Aida G 1 like

I use dreft detergent and downy baby fabric softener, although I've read it isn't necessary as long as your baby doesn't have any rashes or sensitive skin. But I am also a new mom so I guess we do everything by the book :) My husband accidentally did the babies laundry with our regular detergent and softener πŸ˜’ but nothing happened to our LO. PhewπŸ˜…

Monika S 1 like

Dreft is crazy crazy expensive! I am going to use all free and clear. My best friends LO has sensitive skin, and she says that he has no trouble with it

Danah B 1 like

I usually use Dreft or Baby All. Congrats!!

Erika L 1 like

I use whatever I have for my cloths. I have used purex and xtra in the past and now I'm using the arm and hammer stuff. I have never used free and clear kinds and she has been rash free. I also use the smelly beads stuff and gain sheets in the dryer. She has had no reaction and I'm hopeing it stays that way.

Perfectly M 1 like

Dreft. Definitely hands down. Lil expensive but smells amazing and is so easy on my dds sensitive eczema skin! 18m and were still BOTH using it for the delicious baby scent ;)

Linsi M 1 like

We used Dreft once (it's so expensive!) Then switched to All free & clear (I used it in everyone's clothes). Now I use the All fresh & sensitive (because I like the scent)

Amanda W 1 like

I love the smell of Dreft. I used it in beginning and then switched to unscented detergent only because it is cheaper.

Tee M 1 like

Baby all Is my fav and congrats πŸŽ‰

Rachel V 1 like

We use Tide Free and Clear. For me, Dreft is too expensive and unnecessary with all the Free and Clear options available now.

Jacqueline B 1 like

Purex baby! It's cheap and is good for your lo..also it has a wonderful baby smell!!

Dee D 1 like


Momma To T 1 like

Don't know if it's in the USA, but here in Canada everyone with kids uses Ivory Snow

Carrie C 1 like

Any brand of Free & Clear ...also get baby oxy clean powder and spray from babies r us for poop stains etc

Julia J 1 like

Dreft, Ivory, Any free and clear. No fabric softener though because it can irritate.

Blake P 1 like

I use baby all! And dreft stain remover!

Christina V 1 like

Definitely dreft. Something fragrant free.

mommy k 1 like

anything unscented is fine...I use the arm and hammer unscented...WAY cheaper than dreft!

Lindsay J 1 like

Dreft all the way! A bit more expensive but made for infants sensitive skin!!

Grace A 1 like

I initially bought Dreft because I loved the smell but I ended up just using it for blankies and bedding b/c it is a bit pricey and with newborns you do a lot of washing. I used tide free and clear for our clothes and LO. Remember they touch your clothes, blankets, etc!

Kaitlin A 0 likes

Wow!! Thank you all so much! I'm very new to this and want to do the best I can for my baby boy! 😁

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