What formula has worked for your LO with a sensitive tummy? Good Start soothe makes my 11 week old spit up every time and Similac Sensitive gives him horrible gas pain. I hate to keep switching, but there has to be something he tolerates better! He does not have a milk allergy and is medicated for reflux. TIA

Jessica S 0 likes

I have to do similac sensitive. But, I put gas drops in the bottle to take away the foam. And it works so good for my baby. Without the gas drops, it hurts my baby's tummy too.

Jenn S 1 like

Have you tried enfamil gentlease

Alexandra F 1 like

I second the gentle ease

Allyson S 1 like

Most babies are gonna spit up with acid reflux regardless of the formula mine did dr said it was normal

Amber W 1 like

I actually had the same problem the only thing that worked for us was soy milk.

Tashunda L 0 likes

Spitting up can be acid reflux. I believe enfamil makes an AR formula :)

Jenna S 0 likes

I use Gripe Water. It's safe for babies of any age and sold at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target and other major retailers. It's homeopathic and tastes like black licorice. It soothes tummies and worked great for all four of my children.

Jenna S 1 like

I also agree with Amber-Soy milk is also a great alternative. If your on WIC ALL YOU NEED IS A DOCTORS NOTE.

Megan K 0 likes

My son is on nexium for reflux and he's also on soy formula not because of milk allergy but he is able to tolerate it a little better than regular formula

Ma W 0 likes

I was on similac sensitive and had the same issues, we have been on Enfamil gentlease for awhile now, he still spits up but that is because of reflux.

Kate M 0 likes


Bailey M 0 likes

We use similac for spit up. My son also has acid reflux and it's seemed to help. I also put some cereal in his bottle.

Amy 0 likes

Enfamil Gentlease!

Ressy C 0 likes

My husband works for the enfamil distributor in island. Employees are educated on the products they sell. Our little one has always used enfamil as it is the preferred choice of formula for babies. He recommends enfamil gentlease for sensitive babies because your child can grow with it (newborn to toddlers).

Jennifer S 0 likes

Enfamil gentelease

Robyn R 0 likes

My son doesn't have a milk allergy but the only one that worked for us was soy.

Amy M 1 like

My doctor said soy is a last resort because of the way it effects their hormones. Gripe water and gas drops are not helping. I will try Enfamil next!

Natalie G 0 likes

My 3.5 month had been spitting up since 2 months old .. To the point of projectile vomiting and a trip to the ER had an IV put in for dehydration .. The doctor said she needed something to keep it down. I was instructed to add 1 tablespoon of rice cereal to 4oz of Gerber gentle. Wow! It's wonderful! Best eater yet and doesn't spit up anymore .. Or vomit ! Yay! I also switched to an avent bottle. The newer ones, life is a lot more smooth sailing !

Liz C 0 likes

I use GoodStart with probiotics. Is that the same as GoodStart Soothe? My girl is super gassy and sometimes constipated so doctor recommended it. I also put probiotic drops in the formula daily. Ask the pharmacist for BioGaia. It's kept in the fridge.

Brittany G 0 likes

My baby would scream for 3 hours straight at night and constantly had gas pains .. Not to mention projectile vomit .. We tried Similac sensitive , enfamil gentle ease , Similac regular , Similac total comfort , Similac spit up .. Nothing worked .. She barely slept through the night .. Switched to nutramigen and 6 hours of sleep a night now and not one episode of vomit and no gas pains !

Jenna S 1 like

I used Enfamil Gentlease. But my sister had a baby with acid reflux and Similac Sensitive worked the best. Her third baby had GERD and only Hypoallergenic formula worked. Pregestimil is a hypoallergenic and lactose-free formula that’s usually used for colicky symptoms, but may be a good back up plan as a formula for acid reflux too.

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