Best formula for a fussy gassy colicky baby?

Denise T 1 like

Enfamil Gentlease worked great for us

mommy k 0 likes

we use the walmart version of's just called "gentle" in a purple and white container.

Meagan W 0 likes

Talk to your pedi. My DD had a horrible time with gas and tummy pains crying and always wanting food but turning down bottles. We tried every stupid formula we could think of and she's on soy now for lactose intolerant and medication for GERD. she's much happier now.

Kathy N 0 likes

Enfamil gentleease

Christine 0 likes

Similac Sensitive or any of the off brand orange formula. We also use probiotics mixed in with the formula and combined they've worked wonders!

Dee 0 likes

Similac Sensitive I have used it for gas for both of my babies. I breastfeed all day and at night she gets 4 oz of Similac sensitive.

ProudMommy w 0 likes

Nutrimagen the best formula for that

Ma W 0 likes

Enfamil gentlease and gripe water!

Jeannine C 0 likes

Earths Best Organic formula sensitivity for gassy/fussy babies. It's also milk based not soy (soy contains a lot of gmos)

Amanda C 0 likes

Similar fussiness and gas! Worked awesome

Dee D 0 likes

My baby was very gaseous.. There are OTC drops that you can give your baby that should help. We used Gerber Good Start Gentle.

A. J 0 likes

My daughter had the same problem. Turned out she had an allergy to milk protein. Switched her Alimentum. Worked wonders instantly. She grew out if her allergy by 10 months and now drinks whole milk with no problem at all.

Steph M 0 likes

Similac Sensitive or the Target equivalent.

N's M 0 likes

We went straight to alimentum, didn't work for us and ended switching to Isomil (similac version of soy). She did great on it, weaned her to milk at 10 mos

Alina S 0 likes

Emfamil gentle ease worked great for my little one!

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