We use a lot of body oil on our baby. First we used olive oil and it actually reduced her complexion and also smelled bad. We've been using Johnsons for the past few months. But with winter nearing I want to switch to something that won't evaporate too fast. Any suggestions? Smelling good is must

Mich I 5 likes

Coconut oil!

Kathy M 6 likes

Coconut oil :)

Stacey S 2 likes

Coconut oil with a drop or two of lavender essential oil

Holly S 1 like

Burts bees is my favorite

Rachel B 5 likes

If you don't mind me asking, what do you mean by "it reduced her complexion" ? Do you mean it made her skin lighter?

Shannon R 0 likes

Coconut oil for sure! So many other uses as well!

Em A 0 likes

Coconut oil!!! I just put it my baby's bath and his skin stays soft.

Jeni G 0 likes

Organic coconut oil πŸ˜„

Shannon T 1 like

Coconut oil! I add a couple drops of lavender oil and use it at night before my LO goes to bed.

Amanda T 1 like

Johnsons makes a coconut oil lotion. It's more like a really oily lotion.

S L 1 like

Rachel: what I meant was it didn't improve her complexion meaning she was darker then and lighter now

Rachel B 0 likes

Oh ok gotcha. I'm Sorry if My question sounded rude or ignorant, I was only curious because my son has an olive skin tone and I was wondering how to accentuate it so he would look more like his father. Thanks for quick the response :-) looks like olive oil may help!

Angel D 0 likes

Coconut oil, maybe lavender oil drops too. I would avoid john sons and johnsons anything bc it is full of chemicals.

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